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Shaundi was an annoying character in both games. In SR2 she was a nasty crack head druggy, and in SR3 she's always angry and grumpy.

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With the year coming to an end, I have decided to celebrate 2011 with my own End of Year Awards. I go into details on my nominees and my winners on my podcast, Out of Continues, the end of year episode can be found here

With that said, here are my categories and winners

Most Visually Impressive Game

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Best OST

Batman Arkham City

Worst New Characters

Everyone from Bulletstorm

Best New Characters

Oleg from Saints Row The Third

Most improved character

Zeke Dunbar

Best Story

Mortal Kombat

Best Free Game

Team Fortress 2

Most Surprisingly Good Game

Mortal Kombat

Most Disappointing game

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Worst Game

Duke Nukem Forever

Game of the Year

Batman Arkham City

Remember, to hear what my other nominees where, check out the podcast at

And don't be shy, share your nominees and winners to! What did you think were the best and worst of this year?

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@L33tfella_H said:

Jill: Where's Barry?

I was actually really close to having Barry on the list. But when I remembered the POWs from Metal Slug, I knocked Barry off the list.

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@Harkat said:

Surely Mattias Nillson deserves a position.

Great point! THAT is a BEARD!

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@Video_Game_King said:

What about me and my regal beard?


@Unknown_Pleasures said:

No Dusty?

Never played Medal of Honor

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I made another Top 10 list for my podcast, Out of Continues. This time it's Top 10 Beards of video games. The podcast can be found here

My guest host and I discuss my list, as well as he discusses his list. Anyways, here's a summary of my top 10 listed off here, but make to click the link and listen to the discussion for more in-depth discussion.

10. Bear Hugger

9. Dick Marcinko

8. Cranky Kong

7. Abe Lincoln

6. POWs from Metal Slug

5. Chess Master

4. The Green Dwarf dude from Golden Axe

3. Night Elf Mohawk

2. Zangief

1. The Burger King

Anyways, that's my list. Who would make it onto your top 10 beards!?

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Starting today, until next Friday November 18 at noon-time EST, anyone can enter to win one of the three copies of Sanctum I'm giving away. First prize winner gets Sanctum and 3 pieces of DLC as well. To find out how to enter, listen to Episode 5 of Out of Continues podcast

If you listen, you'll find the instructions on how to enter, and next Friday I'll take everyone's name who entered, and randomly draw out the winners. Sanctum is a pretty sweet game, a hybrid of FPS and Tower Defense with 4 player coop, so check out the link to try to win! It's really easy.

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@TekZero said:

Katana from Hexen is missing.

I never played Hexen, I played Heretic though. Feel free to make your own Top 10 FPS/TPS melee weapons though :)

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@Mordi said:

The Sword in Halo 2 was much more fun than the Gravity Hammer in Halo 3!

You mean knocking vehicles with the Gravity Hammer wasn't fun?

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I said this multiple times through out the thread, this is MY Top 10, and you can make your top 10 if you want.