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I haven't unlocked the breachers yet, but c'mon man, shotguns.

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I bought this game the other day and jumped in without much thought. Before and after work yesterday I put about 4 hours into it, and I was feeling the pain. I didn't have a PC back when Neverwinter and such were big, but I had friends who were way into it so I was excited for a modern game along those lines.

This thread has helped a lot. I've taken some notes, I'm going to rob the town blind (I was being a goody-goody about that before and couldn't afford anything anywhere), I'm going to heavily annotation my map, and I've downloaded the game manual to my phone to read at work.

Tonight I'm going to approach the game with renewed vigour.

One of my problems was I was spoiling for a fight, I wanted to get some combat experience and XP. But I see now that doing all the walk-n-talk quests around the town are important. Shades of the Citadel in ME1.

My lead characters RPS'd and told the fabulous five to get stuffed, is shutting down those questlines going to hurt me?

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Nice write up Alex. I loved Rock Band, it brought a lot of fun and music into my life over the years and made fast friends out of previously politely distant neighbours.

I haven't played RB with friends in a year or more, really, and I only turn it on lately for solo drunken karaoke (its not as sad as it sounds, honest, I hope), but I will always fondly remember the good times the game facilitated. I had laughably poor rhythm and musical sense when I started with GH1, but the RB franchise eventually drilled it into my thick skull, and now I get my fix with Rocksmith and gassing around on my bass.

I still listen to the Harmonix Podcast and I enjoyed the trivia and behind the scenes stuff in this article. Would definitely be interested in more stories, now that it is all over.

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What's up with the crazy aggression? I'm looking at buying one for my mother. Wifi would just confuse her anyway, seems like a good fit to me.

Just popped out to walmart, they hadn't received them yet, but were scheduled to get 60 units and took my number down.

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I picked up the game today (first CoD game since CoD2) and made an appropriately dorky emblem.

Camera phone did weird things to it.

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Played out roughly to my expectations. Hopefully it picks up after a few months' growing pains. I kinda have a desire for a Nintendo console again after skipping/missing the GC and Wii. Big Nintendo fan from childhood, so I would rather they did well.

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Bah, I stayed up late this afternoon buying a guitar, and between being tired after only getting a nap in the evening and having already spent enough cash for one day I decided not to bother.

The QL's aren't really turning my crank so far, but maybe I'll pick one up in the spring if good games start popping up.

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I was at work last night (nightshift) listening to podcasts, and I was overtaken by the strange impulse to try to pick up a Wii U from some retailer with either a midnight launch or by showing up at opening on Sunday. I work nights, but I've got tonight off anyways, so late night/early morning isn't a problem for me.

Thing is, I don't really feel excited for the console. I just kinda haven't bought anything new in years, and I passed on the Wii and Gamecube (but started on the NES) so I haven't scratched the Nintendo itch in a long time.

I was thinking I might look into my local retail options and see if I can get one for a lark. Take it home and leave it sealed until all the post-embargo review/evaluation stuff comes out, and if it isn't a homerun, I could turn a couple of bucks on it by scalping it to some family for Xmas.

Anyways, I'm in Ontario, don't know yet what my best bet is, as far as stores go, any suggestions or thoughts in general?

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Two weeks later, I just wanted to pop in and say I'm still really enjoying this software and think it is great. I've got hella finger blisters though from playing 'pick recommended' songs with my fingers though.

I'm very pleased with the improvements in my playing since I started with this game. Would recommend to anybody else thinking about taking up a bass or guitar, or who already has one but just picks around on it like I did before Rocksmith. I've you already taken some lessons or whatever, I don't know how useful the game would be, so I can't speak to that. The simulated pedals and amps and tone pre-sets are really cool too if you want to play songs you know, or play along to tabs, and try to replicate the tone of the original artist.

I think I'm going to have to buy some of the bundled and discounted DLC soon. I wish I knew when the sale was going to end - I don't really wanna drop 30 bucks on DLC just now, but I don't want to miss the sale either.

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@Strife777 said:

@RoyaleWifCheese You mean you remembered "The Misfits".

That feeling when you're not sure if somebody just thinks it's a cool skull.