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Definitely never getting the PC version then... It is terrible that DRM is still wrecking PCs. It's Starforce all over again, and again, and again.

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Quake has way better control. That N64 controller was NOT suited to first person shooters. Quake has more variety in enemies and more interesting level design. Quake also basically pioneered the online FPS revolution.

Goldeneye has better mission design with more varied gameplay elements and extra bells & whistles.

They're very different games, but Quake accomplishes everything it sets out to do really well. Goldeneye has a lot of amazing ideas that no game has really quite hit the head on ever since, unless you stretch out to radically different games like Deus Ex...

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Eventually mobile gaming cheapskates will kill mobile games completely just like the Wii fad eventually died.

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Sorry, just the fact that Ubi's games USED Uplay rendered playing them a complete hassle. Every single console version is worth more for that reason alone. Never buying another PC Ubi game...

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Volgarr is awesome on PC, but now my fiancee hogs the PC so it'll be cool to be able to play it again.

Binding of Isaac is also awesome on PC, but I played the hell out of it. Looking forward to this remake/remix.

Incredible month!

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@veektarius: Eh, don't compare unoptimized ports to true console games. Nothing on PC rivals DriveClub, InFamous or Killzone Shadow Fall or the like...

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Tallness is one of my few advantages don't take it away from me! ;_;