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Why on Earth would you believe anything on 4chan?

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@brendan said:

@sessh: Bring in Pastor Maldonado for Alt+F1!!

Oh god no, he'd break the entire website.

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Well, there's our season. Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton.

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I don't think Massa is catching quickly enough. He'd have one lap to make the move at best, and Hamilton isn't exactly easy to overtake.

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Kamui is out. A real shame, he's had an awful season.

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It's pretty fucking incredible that Nico Rosberg can have a conversation like that while driving a goddamn F1 car.

Still, this last race is a real disappointment.

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AWFUL start for Rosberg there...but as a Brit I'm not exactly complaining.

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I think I'm gonna crack open an N'GINE Robert Kubica energy drink for this one.

EDIT: This is not a very good energy drink.

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Far too many people, on both sides, have let their two cents be 'man, everyone on the other side of this are idiots' and it just adds more fuel to the fire. Thank you for actually understanding that the only reason this has become as big a deal as it has is because people on both sides genuinely believe what they're saying. It's far too easy to say 'screw you, I'm right' and it fails to solve anything.

The problem is, for a battle fought on Twitter, anything other than 'screw you, I'm right' is too hard to fit into 140 characters.

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Adam Rose has lost.

Tyson Kidd has already beaten Adam Rose on NXT. Fact.