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Spelunky Classic (it actually plays very differently compared to the new one)

This. It'd be really interesting to compare the two. It's also not going to take that long since there's no Yama, the hardest challenge being just to find the city of gold itself, so it'd be a nice stopgap between other games.

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Yeesh, EA is dead set on sinking their beloved franchises. Their prerogative I guess, but it's depressing to see. I wonder what's up next.

It's interesting that I've seen multiple people complain that it's another money-grabbing EA mobile game when EA have absolutely nothing to do with it.

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Unless you're some kind of crazy person that only plays Mario Kart for the Mario characters, this question is identical to 'so, do you like Mario Kart?'

So do you like Mario Kart?

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sorry dude but that's like the worst drawing of jeff i've ever seen

like, it barely even looks like him

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Spacechem is one of those games I really wish more people knew about.

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like soap operas, but sweaty

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I haven't played the game.

You know, I think there's a pretty simple solution to all this that would easily tell you whether you think Gone Home classifies as a game or not...

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Here's a bunch of stuff from the T-shirts page on Etsy, shipping to the UK. No shipping options for anything as far as I could see. Giant Bomb seems generally more expensive than anything else, but not extortionately so.

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How has nobody mentioned Pacman CE DX yet?

Also Shatter and I'll throw SpaceChem out there even though nobody else will ever second me on it.