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This was an excellent game at it's time and a true prelude to the highly critical acclaimed "Souls" series.People who are now into Dark Souls and have never played Severance will not understand me.When i first played Demon's Souls i immediately remembered Blade of Darkness.I felt like the developers working in From Software played that game and were inspired to make their successful series.The combat mechanics were way ahead for the time this was released,the graphics were nothing sort of amazing.The thing that struck me the most though was that they implemented a friendly fire feature in such a way that you could bring the enemies in certain positions during battle that they would hurt one another.Too bad that Severance was not a commercial success thus ending the sort lifespan of Rebel Act Studios!

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well pretty much the only thing they said is : "Look we are making another game in the series with better graphics". Well i guess they thought that the game did not look so good that's why it had such a negative response.I am still trying to understand why they keep failing to get the message.Bioware go back to making good games that at least this time will have a proper ending not something along the lines of DA2!!!

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the problem is the actual writing itself....for me it is not the ending that shows laziness on their part.Maybe this is what we are talking now because this is the last thing that stayed in our memory..Imagine though !!! POSSIBLE SPOILERS : you find the blueprints of the crucible just as the Reapers hit the Earth not to mention that you find the last living Prothean at the same time!!! Communications are cut off though only the "superior" Normandy can reach anybody at anytime!!! You solve problems that existed for hundreds of years in such a short time that makes them seem so insignificant !!! you kill a Reaper targeted from orbital space with such a pinpoint accuracy that Shepard who stands next to him remains unscathed...i do not have to point out other moments.i will only say that the ending i wanted to see was the ending i expected to find and i do not mind having other choices...that ending was finally after 3 games the Reapers are destroyed and the cycle is interrupted ,Shepard is a war hero and retires peacefully after doing his job .That is why he was hired for in the beginning of the first game after all !!!

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well you can always use a gun that shoots thresher maws and it was a pretty good joke in the would be super effective i guess!!!

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@biggiedubs: Since you liked DA:O and i also did i think this is a way of doing what you said although i would not really call it honor...come to think of it now i see it as the last game they made that appealed so much to long term fans...i enjoyed ME2 a lot but i thought since that game they started to move to a broader audience and i can understand why is that...i strongly believe though that you can find a better shooter than ME ever was but not a better RPG than of those Bioware made especially the Baldur's Gate series and Knights of the Old Republic..hell i even liked Jade Empire a lot...seeing them go to the route of developing the next C&C if i am not mistaken and listening to this statement kind of putts me off if you ask me...and i do no think that the 3.3 average score users gave the last game in known rating site is all because of trolling.

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@biggiedubs: i am not here to win or lose...what does admit defeat suggests?that i posted just to see if i can beat people to my opinion?of course is not about win or is all about doing a constructive dialog,hearing both sides and respecting their opinions...i am a troll and an idiot because i bought all of their games so far and finished them all including ME3?i think i am entitled to my opinion as everybody else here and if i exaggerate at times it is because i was extremely disappointed by his statement...

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i don't believe he is lying either and to be honest i could never imply that for a man i do not know...the only thing that troubles me about this statement is that if he believes that then i am uncertain as to the quality of future games developed by this company because i did not enjoy so much their last two games...

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@JasonR86: i am not offended by that..i feel sad that most people are willing to leave the past behind in order to move forward. Bioware would never be the company it is now without us who loved and bought their first games which in my opinion even by today standards had some of the most memorable this childish enough for you?

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@biggiedubs: i just expressed my opinion on the matter and of course i take all opinions into consideration...i would also love to have a good dialog here but calling me troll and using a particular tone i do not think it helps.I respect every opinion but i am not willing to reconsider mine on such basis..i prefer to support it even if for you seems ridiculous and stupid and anything else...

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@Gaff: you are right about Planescape Torment...i made the mistake because i am playing it again nowadays and it was only made with the same engine Bioware licensed with the Baldur's Gate game..i had KOTOR in mind