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I dunno, this forum just kind of died. I have no interest in really any other game besides SF so I kinda disappeared lmao. You people are directly responsible for my giant bomb death!
Hit me up if you ever get on Live again Jeff. I hate you, your internet connection and your character choice, but we gotta get some games in.

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I am not fat nor Asian. I do want that Stang's execution though :)

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Any of the old regulars still alive and ticking? If so, lets get some damn games in soon!
Except for you Jordan. Honda can have a gonad sandwich.

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Very nice vid Mubress, you had some very interesting/creative links going on! Please move to Cali so we can play without 400 frames of lag :)

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@Scooper said:
" @GlenTennis said:
" @Stang said:
"   Gen...who gives a shit. People will continue not to use him. "
There's actualy quite a few of really quality Gen players in the UK right now doing some ridiculas science with Gen and he can be damn strong. "
That very well may be the case, but 10 Gens who know what they are doing does not change the fact that nobody gives a damn about him! Until they give him a teleport, dp and an air spd he will continue to be ignored.
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Yup, Ken is no longer my main....there are just too many tough match ups. I picked up Akuma so I could sub him for the match ups in question, but over time I learned his play style suits me well. I still use Ken, but Akuma is the truth. Maybe if Ultima would actually play once in a while I could pick his brain :)
Thanks again for all the help guys. I would have gone the Ultima route but that sounds like a pain in the ass, this is a back up stick for my TE and I really don't plan to use it much. I have a bad habit of breaking shit so I figured I would pick one up when Walmart had that deal going last week.

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Thanks for the help guys, I am going to get some red and black buttons. If the reds do not look good I will go the lame route with black. 

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@ThePhantomnaut said:
" Red/black for the main six and maybe grey/black for the triggers. "
Seems like red is the way to go, and I have a butt load of grey/smoke sanwa buttons from my old SE. Thanks!
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@FancySoapsMan said:

" @Stang: I thought you were asking for a color that would be easy to distinguish from the background >__> "

Haha nah, I am just horrible at coordinating colors. Guess I missed that day in 3rd grade :(
@extremeradical said:

" Gainsboro and Sienna "

Hey man now you are just making stuff up!\
@TheLegendofLuke said:
" I don't know, I'm colour blind, lol. "

*Chest bump*
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@BionicMonster said:
" That is a super weird colored board, and I'm not color blind. "
U jealous