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Wow thanks for posting that real life review link!

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Or future?

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Similar to Portal perhaps.

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That's the selling point for me. If not i guess I'll pick up the 360 version.

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Wow what's up with Jeffs deleted comment?

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piecat said:
"Nearly all of his reviews are extremely well written and accurate. The only two I disagree with are MGS3 (too low) and PDZ (far too high)."
I think the thing about PDZ was that for a launch game it was actually pretty dam good. Its co-op was imaginative what with its split paths (something you still don't see in co-op games very often) and its graphics were impressive when it was first released, I mean, I don't think I've seen any other games on the 360 use parallax mapping other than PDZ.
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His World of Warcraft review always stuck with me. When he said  "it makes you glad that you are someone who plays games and feel sorry for people who don't" i felt that he was dead on. When that game first came out it was just a wonderfully epic experience, truly something else.

Also yeah, his Ninja Gaiden Review.

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I have a 360, but i would totally buy this for the PC if it came out on Steam, but i guess it's not...

I tried the trial today but the graphics were kinda jaggy, if i played it on the PC i bet i could have anti-aliasing.

Choices choices...

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No, he has never spoken Dwarfzilla.

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I think the G-man might have made it so that Freeman can't speak, he's a pretty powerful dude.

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