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Xbox 360


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watch dogs here and maybe some more games

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Rest in peace Ryan and you will be truly missed. My condolences to his family, his wife and to Giantbomb Crew

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@darthorange: 13 hours it took, granted i was worried that game would crash

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@wemibelec90: its really weird, i play the game for like an hour on new game + and then freeze, but on saturday 13 hours no problems

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so I have been having alotta weird freezing issues with this and every other Naughty Dog game, I have a ps3 slim and all other games work fine except for ND games. Lucky for me i beat the game in one sitting on Saturday. Amazing game, but im wondering if anybody else is having the same problem as me

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i played 2 hours of last of us with autosave disable and no problems, but i needed a break so i saved, now the game keeps freezing. That Naughty Dog fix did not work for me and i really like this game alot

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@somnambulist: rendering resolution

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Anybody here know what good rendering options work on Silent Hill 3 on pc

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@Timing: not really, didnt know Neogaf had one. I just wanted to know what Giantbomb users favorite game or games were that is all