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Sony has more exclusives/better exclusives ATM. Another reason why the xbox costing more is unreasonable.

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I wasa reflecting on the ps4 vs xbone debate and I think the main disadvantage of the xbox one was that xbone costs more while being graphically worse for multiplatfrom titles. If it were 50-100 dollars cheaper it would be so much better than currently. With some more exclusives/games announced (halo 5, destiny, etc) I think xbox one could be a great console.

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It will be a rip off from Microsoft. Similar to how their digital deals suck for the most part. Closed source streaming won't grow unless their is competition.

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@wasabicurry: Like I've already mentioned it really depends on the GPU the laptop is packing. For a long time mobile GPUs were very very far behind. They are still behind equivalent standard graphical cards by a large margin, but a lot of modern cards also have an overabundance of power anyway, and a lapotop will also generally be running at 1080p tops unlike say 1440p and above people like to run on desktops.

For example's sake I have a 2.5 year old m18x with 2 6990m GPUs and it ran The Witcher 2 maxed out bar the ultrasampling, and BF3 ran at 60 on all but a few settings maxed, same goes for both Metro games. I haven't tried playing BF4 on it but nothing else up to this point has made me drop below a mix of high/max settings either and I've played most big budget releases. As long as you know which graphical doodads are more resource intensive on a GPUs and tweak some settings you can run any modern game on next to highest settings no problem. As another example my brother has a 7970m in his laptop and it outperforms both my cards combined by a large margin, he plays BF4 at 60 zealously on high as he prefers a stable framerate.

This myth that gaming laptops can't run good looking modern games has been left behind several years ago. Yet plenty of people (not you specifically but like the thread above showed) are still stuck in the past.

At this point all they really are are compact portable desktops that are about 2-3 times as expensive (with a lower tier gpu and an inbuilt monitor). I would never advise someone to get a gaming laptop unless they have a specific use in mind that usually involves moving around a lot and only if they are fine with the extra cost. But if both those scenarios are true, there is also no reasons not to get one and play whatever you want on them.

I feel like there is a conversation like this in every second gaming laptop thread that gets made on these forums. :P

For most people cost is a big factor. I know something with dual 7970m which costs 4k will run things fine at max at 1080p, but what me and most people want is something around 1k which can do the job reasonably well which just doesn't exist. You really do need to compromise when buying a gaming laptop and the trade-offs are not worth it IMO.

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Some parts of the game haven't evolved to keep up. Combat and some of the economic stuff hasn't changed much for 3-4 games. They need to rework that stuff, learn from games which have evolved from assassins creeds combat (arkhem series, sleeping dogs) and also do something about money. It is too easy to get and the mechanics of it mean you get it for just waiting around after investing some. They need to have a more dynamic system with random events to make the economy interesting. Also stealth hasn't changed much either, t he only thing new is the ship stuff. The on ground stuff are the weakest part of the game.

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M&;K is way more accurate. Titanfall makes up for that with some autoaim, but it still won't beat someone who can kill you from across a long distance with a pistol in CS1.6.

I agree with this. Playing multilayer games on PC with a controller is just asking to be stomped on.

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Links broken in OP for me. Leads to blank page

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Fucking stop it. Seriously, I don't care if you hate me just stop for your sake idiot.

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Looks worse then silent hill 2....

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Notebook Video Card Reviews

According to this site the game is unplayable with your video card. A 630m is not designed to play video games on, sure there are some games that run on lowest detail settings (DOTA 2, or Team Fortress 2), but you need a proper PC if you want to game.

Harsh mate. There is always Unreal tournament, quake 3 and CS 1.6