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@Brackynews: Also, thanks for that image! While being a good game and a pretty cool scene it also shows a way to stretch out a dead dragon without compromising panel length ;)
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 @ZombiePie: I'm flattered! And proud. And if real dudes are going to see my work I guess it should be coherent, so take your pick at what version you want to use :)
@DeeGee: @JeffGoldblum: @Axxol: @Mr_Skeleton: Any better? 

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@JeffGoldblum: Yeah, hence the explanation haha. It was pretty quick and if I went back I would probably actually draw it so that humans can tell what it is, and not just crazies, but I don't think a silly thing like this is really worth the few minutes. I should just replace it with a stock image of a giant dragon :)
@Sir_Ragnarok: Oh man, I should really stick that in the second panel. It'd only take me 10 seconds...
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Haha it's a dead dragon with a big spike in it with all this shit on the spike that I don't even know. And there is all this crazy blood on it that I just liked drawing giant lines for. The big arrow starts from that black blob where the three dudes + wizard (he is his own class of dude because he is a motherfucking wizard) are standing. I don't know if that will even help you interpret it but maybe it will :)

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Haha, they killed the size a little, it's a bit larger at the source. But thanks :)

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Hey, if some dude is posting his wizard shirt I'll post my dumb wizard comic.  
Available in a large, readable version here:

EDIT: V2 (probably far more understandable)!!:

My brother called the thing in the first panel a 'badly drawn map' but it's actually a dragon. Just so you know.  
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@Ant1ive said:
 Either way, I suggest pooling up another 20 dollars to get it, or if you have a PS3, wait for them to release both games in like January. "
PS3 owners are not going to get ME1 because Microsoft holds console rights, so don't hold out for that.
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You should play Mass Effect 1 because it will make ME2 that much better.  
My favorite moment of ME2 was the opening scene, where a major set piece from the first game is changed in a major way. Without playing ME1 this would have little to no significance. I hope you play it so that you can love that moment as much as I did!

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@Pinworm45 said:
" Isn't it a Rockstar SD game? 
Nope, it's Rockstar Bondi. They don't have as great a track record but they do have the same logo (except blue) so I guess we'll have to wait and see. 
I'll probably pick it up. Hated GTAIV so I haven't got around to buying RDR yet, but I loved the old GTAs and this looks sufficiently different and innovative enough to warrant a purchase almost regardless of quality if it achieves what it set out to do.
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@Gizmo said:
" Go go Team BR! "
Always have, always will root for Team VJ! The battle is on :)