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I'm glad to see everyone in this thread has the right opinion about Cowboy Bebop.

I recommend checking out the movie if you haven't already.

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I'm using Giant Bomb's API to help me populate a database for my databases class, but I'm running into a little bit of a problem. When I search for a game, no results are returned. I had it working perfectly last night, so I don't believe it's my code that's having an issue. Are there usage limits with the API? I've probably searched ~3000 times since last night.

I should also mention that it's not an issue 100% of the time. It seems to be intermittent. Five searches will be successful, then a few will be unsuccessful. 95% will be successful, then every search will fail for the next 10 minutes.

Clearly those games should be returning at least one result.

Here's how I'm constructing my search key:

var address = new Uri("[api_key]&format=json&query=\"" + gameName + "\"&resources=game");

The error for one of my requests changed from "OK" to "Rate limit exceeded," so I think I found my issue!

I ended up just setting my script to sleep for 15 minutes every time I get status code 107 then playing Far Cry 4 while it ran.

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$35.6 million

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@makinbacon: Thanks a bunch, duder, I may hit you up after I review my structures and algorithms a bit more!

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@ben_h: I'm really disappointed I missed the opportunity to apply to Google for an internship. I hadn't realized how early the summer internship process began with them.

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@erickmartins said:

I stand corrected. If it's usual in Computer Science, by all means go ahead and prepare yourself.

(my rant was more against the behavioral counseling, to be fair, like "instead of being yourself try to be a badass", "always write in cursive", "get into the room with your right foot first", etc etc etc)

Yep, it's fairly standard. I got an email from my recruiter today with a lot of resources to use to prepare.

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@erickmartins: I mean, it's definitely important to prepare for a technical interview. It's more like an exam than an interview.

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Hey duders, long time no see. I'm in school right now for a degree in Computer Science, so at the moment I'm attempting to get a summer internship. Facebook contacted me back within a day or so of my online application, so now I'm going through a phone interview about two weeks from now.

This is my first technical interview, and the fact that it's with such a large company is simultaneously extremely exciting and terrifying, so I was just wondering if there were any other Comp Sci folks who had some hot tips on how to succeed in a technical interview?

Stay classy, bombers!