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I think this is different since they're two different games, not two different versions of a game.
It's a confusing distinction, but in my opinion it's the best way to organize this confusing mess.

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Thought I'd get these out of the way; I do have some more compilations that can be deleted, and I'm going to start working on Marino's restoration project soon.

21. Namcot

Alternate title for Namco; can be deleted

24. Frogs and Flies

Port of Frog Bog (same game, different title)

33. Game Boy Camera Games

Already exists:

34. Darkspawn Chronicles

DLC for Dragon Age: Origins; nowhere can I find information regarding a retail release, looks like this is download-only

35. Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned


36. Figthing Angels


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Due to the nature of the search, it doesn't need a Police Quest alias. Just searching Police Quest will make it show up, since it contains those words in the title.

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@Hamz: Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it:

In the Wii version of the game, the Prince wields three new powers: a Sand Ring, serving as a wall grip to ascend areas where there are no ledges or grips; a pillar to get higher; and a protection sphere to avoid falling or getting caught in traps. These three magical sand powers serve both in navigation sequences, during combat and also to solve puzzles. The source of these three new powers is a magical phial discovered by the prince. Later in the game, the challenges force the player to combine all of the three powers. With time, the powers will be found to have more than one specific usage; according to Nintendo Power, the Sand Ring will also serve to activate some special power crystals .

Combat in the Wii version makes use of the Wii's motion sensing capabilities. A flick of the Wii Remote will swing the Prince's sword, and the same gesture with the Nunchuk will make him throw a punch. The rest of his combat moves (like rolling, blocking, etc.) simply uses buttons, as the developers didn't want to make the game exhausting by overusing motion controls. According to Nintendo Power, the swordplay does feel similar to the previous installments. From time to time, certain foes will have a blue aura surrounding them, meaning he is the "leader" of the group of enemies; bringing the player to the use of some strategy: if you kill the leader, the other enemies will flee instantly. Using a Sand Ring on an enemy will freeze him for a brief period of time.

The Wii version also features cooperative multiplayer gameplay and includes the Super NES version of the original Prince of Persia.
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My five rarest are all from Red Faction: Guerrilla, but the most difficult one would either be all Jiggies in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, or all Guerrilla Actions in Red Faction: Guerrilla (due to a glitch I had to start over twice when I only had five or so left out of 100 or so).

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Yeah... we've covered pinball machines since the beginning of the site.

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@Unknown_Pleasures: My opinion is based off of the fact that there needs to be standardization when it comes to these sort of things (referring specifically to ports). It has nothing to do with who the user is, or their reputation. I have always been of the opinion that games with more than one versions should be consolidated onto a single page, and have defended that viewpoint on numerous occasions. I don't see how this is any different, or how I'm being prideful. This is always the opinion I have held.
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@papuccino1: You posted about it here on this forum, telling us to look up videos. I did so, and am stating my opinion. I didn't say that it's the supreme authority, I'm saying how I think that this situation should be handled. Since it is similar to literally hundreds of other movie based games, it should be handled in the same way as those games; a single page for all versions. What it comes down to is this: are they separate versions of a game, or two entirely different games? Based on my perception, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands has a few separate versions of the game, but not several entirely different games.
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@TMThomsen: I found that it was a free update that added a lot of modding tools to the PC version of Halo.