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Okay, this is a travesty. The error page is now the error page that is used on all of the other Whiskey sites; no longer is it Luchadeer. So, first the "awesome" upon login is taken away, and now this?!? This is... unbelievable.
( Here's a page that was deleted, so everyone can see the new error image)

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I think that even as a cultural icon Lost is something interesting to watch. It's not something to get incredibly invested in like so many fans did, but it was an entertaining TV show for what it was.

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@Video_Game_King: I don't think I followed your blog when you posted that. Maybe I only commented when it was a game I liked.
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Entertaining blog, as usual. I have yet to play ODST, but I share your sentiments regarding the Halo franchise.
Magical Chase sounds just about as fun as drilling holes in my forehead.

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@Icemael: I've already stated my broad reasoning multiple times now. There shouldn't be a precedent for multiple pages for the same game. This is just a case where there are different versions of the same game. I don't know enough about either game to argue specific details.
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@mracoon: You know, I may be mistaken about Frogs and Flies. Frog Bog is actually a port of IT. That page has more releases, though, so it probably was best to keep it. It needs to be renamed and alias'd, though.
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It's difficult to explain my reasoning, but I think that the differentiation made here is the fact that Sk8land was never directly referred (as far as I can tell, from what I've looked at) to as American Wasteland's handheld counterpart, so it technically is a different game. While on the other hand, things like Max Payne and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands actually are different versions of the same game.

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I think this is different since they're two different games, not two different versions of a game.
It's a confusing distinction, but in my opinion it's the best way to organize this confusing mess.

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Thought I'd get these out of the way; I do have some more compilations that can be deleted, and I'm going to start working on Marino's restoration project soon.

21. Namcot

Alternate title for Namco; can be deleted

24. Frogs and Flies

Port of Frog Bog (same game, different title)

33. Game Boy Camera Games

Already exists:

34. Darkspawn Chronicles

DLC for Dragon Age: Origins; nowhere can I find information regarding a retail release, looks like this is download-only

35. Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned


36. Figthing Angels


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Due to the nature of the search, it doesn't need a Police Quest alias. Just searching Police Quest will make it show up, since it contains those words in the title.