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@Nes: Yeah, we're going to have to go through a few of the past posts in this forum.
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Mine went through the wash.

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@Jeff: While you're here, I have a quick question regarding a couple rules; ports and remakes? Case by case basis? Clear rules regarding these two things? I can't recall ever hearing any set rules regarding those, and I was curious what your stance is.
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@LordAndrew: We can always go back through the recent posts in this forum and restore those that have been deleted... can't we?
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I can't sell my copy because it's cracked (as in physically, not illegal).

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Pretty much all fighting games, mostly because i suck at them.

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Pages to rename/add aliases

See title

1. Pang

Add the alias: Buster Bros.

2. Taito's Super Space Invaders

Add the aliases: Super Space Invaders '91, Space Invaders Part IV, Space Invaders Part 4 

(The "Taito's" part of the title could probably be removed as well)
3. River Raid II

Add the alias: River Raid 2

4. Tōru Iwatani

Add the alias: Toru Iwatani

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I think the underlying issue is what Jeff stated; editorial coverage. Which is why the technical aspects of the site really need some work as well. Releases should be able to be linked to articles and lists, so that users can either link a specific release or the more general page. Just a thought, though.

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@Hailinel: It's not limited to compilations, there were numerous outstanding issues that the mods addressed in the newly created rules.