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@Video_Game_King: Okay, I went through and actually watched all of (well most) of the videos.
I liked the Super Mario World one. I can't remember the rest.
Oh, and the blog was pretty good too. It takes a true literary master to go four paragraphs in a review of Fragile Dreams without describing the gameplay.
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@Video_Game_King: Why would I watch the videos? It's just going to be an obscure commercial or some video game music.
Edit: OoooOooOoh Super Mario World!
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@Meowayne: I just look at the pictures.
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@Hailinel: How will I know who you are with a new avatar?
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@Marino: Everything has been moved and release has been added. Go ahead and delete/rename.
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@Marino: Moving over all the information from Doki Doki Panic to Super Mario Bros. 2.
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@Sweep said:

  • WE NEED THE SEARCH BAR FROM SCREENED.COM!! Seriously guys, i'm fucking dying here!

This man is a genius.
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@FrankCanada97: Yeah. Initially I had a full unit list on the Red Alert 2 page, but I've since moved that to a guide. I feel like "new units" is something that could stay on a page in the case of real-time strategy games.
In other words, it's very subjective and would probably have to be handled on a case by case basis. In the case of racing games and first person shooters, gun/car/perk/etc. lists should probably stay in a guide.
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Personally, I only feel that the soundtrack is an acceptable list, and even that is iffy if the track listing is really long. Metal Gear Solid 4 has a really long list of every song that became available on Snake's iPod or something along those lines.

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@Marino: @mracoon: Have you guys been sure to add aliases as well?