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@starfoxa: and these will definitely work on pc?

Yes. Keep in mind that they're open headphones, so there will be some sound leakage, and they're not very good at isolating you if you're typically around loud noises (small children, animals, roommates, etc). I haven't had an issue with it, and the openness lends to the soundstage quite a bit.

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I use Sennheiser HD 558s, which are $130 on Amazon. They're extremely comfortable and have good positional audio for gaming.

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I have two 24" 1080p screens. Use one for gaming and the other for multitasking. All that room is great. 1440p is also a good idea provided you have the power (R9 290 and up, GTX 780 and up for a constant 60fps).

If you go with dual 1080p, I can recommend the Asus VN248H-P. IPS, great monitor with a bezel only a few cm thick. I have one of those and the Asus VS239H-P (slightly smaller, 23" vs 23.8", worse stand, taller, DVI, and thicker bezel).

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I'm gonna echo what other people are saying here. Definitely get headphones and microphone separately. I have Sennheiser HD 558s ($130 on Amazon) and the Zalman ZM-Mic1 ($10).

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@scaramoosh said:

Nope, the PC is cheaper than consoles and now has a stable way of distributing games. This is also the first time ever where console hard launched way behind PC hardware in terms of power, it is night and day already and will only get worse. Not only will there be new hardware for the PC, but all these new low level APIs from Nvidia, AMD and even DX12 will open up access. Benchmarks of BF4 show lower end systems get MASSIVE gains from Mantle, it finally makes low end viable to play demanding games, on the top end of things the FPS went from 100 using DX - 160 using Mantle... 60% increase!

If anything we'll hear consoles are dying first, in fact there are already rumours of Microsoft selling off Xbox.

The difference between the PS4/Xbox One and PC isn't night and day yet. It's certainly noticeable, but it's not like the difference between Far Cry 3 on consoles and Far Cry 3 on PC. But there certainly is a difference, and the gap is only going to get wider. As it stands, my mid-tier PC didn't suddenly become a low-tier PC for modern games, though that could still happen when The Witcher 3 comes out.

Anyway, is there going to be doom-saying for the PC anytime soon? I don't think so. All the doom-sayers are busy with Nintendo, and everybody else is busy enjoying games. And a lot of people like PC. And PC now has stable distribution platforms. It's a much stronger, much tighter platform these days.

In terms of resolution and framerate, it's fairly night and day.

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I've spent roughly 14 hours with the game now (10 hours in beta, 4 hours today), and I don't feel like there should be a single player campaign. It feels like they really focused at making the best possible multiplayer game they could, and I'm glad there wasn't a shoehorned single player mode to distract from that focus.

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@insidioustuna: You'll love it. This card destroys every game at 1080p, and even does decently with some games at 1440p and up. I have Dark Souls set to internally render at 4K.

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I've had some minor issues. Get decent ping (~40ms) in game, but some server issues. Game runs well on my GTX 770 2GB, but I have to choose between AA and Insane textures to get 60fps.

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960x1080? That's extremely odd. I'm seeing some speculation on NeoGaf that the game is compositing by interlacing at 1920x1080, which still creates some blur and blend.

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  • Burnout Paradise
  • Pure
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash (the pinnacle of Mario Kart)
  • Mario Kart DS

Those are about the only racing games I can think of.