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Seems odd that they're focusing on visuals and the developers have stated that 30FPS is "more cinematic."

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  • Dark Souls II
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Titanfall

I haven't played much from 2014. That about covers it except for a couple indie games.

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I'm a third year computer science student. I built a desktop for gaming and more intensive work, and use an Acer C720 Chromebook with Ubuntu for in class notes and whatnot.

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Seems fine to me. Better to see what the game actually looks like instead of deceiving prerendered footage.

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I recently gave anime a shot as well, after hearing a lot of hype for Attack on Titan, and feeling like I'd exhausted every TV show and movie on Netflix. I honestly despised Attack on Titan, but my interest was piqued so I downloaded Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass, and Gurren Lagaan... and now I'm hooked.

Any anime recommendations? I have a massive list of things to check out now. I've probably added like 10 shows to my Netflix list, and downloaded a few others (FLCL, Death Note, Samurai Champloo, FMA, etc).

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@bigboss1911: This wouldn't cause the significant frame issues you're seeing. It would just cause the RAM to run at 1333MHz instead of 1600MHz or 1600MHz instead of a higher frequency. Take everyone's advice and RMA your components.

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@mrsmiley: On the other hand I can get a book from my local library for the cost of $0 with upwards of 20 hours of entertainment!

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf is pretty great too, on top of all the games mentioned here. I spent roughly 250 hours on it.

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Doing the same thing every day gets really tedious. It's just a "part time" fast food job (they've been scheduling me full time recently) while I'm in class. Hopefully I'll be able to find an internship or something soon.