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Sonic needs to be neutered - there... I said it. 0

Let me start off right away that Sonic Unleashed is one of the biggest "F-U"'s to the fans of any franchise in a long time. At least George Lucas wants Star Wars to be well known with the oh-so-big Skywalker Ranch he has. Here, SEGA puts all of its best effort into a blender with the nastiest elements of past Sonic games - Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (360, PS3), and (whynot) Sonic Arena.     Me not so bad compared to this!  Sonic Unleashed is the latest (and not last) adventure of So...

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It's an exceptional shooter but it qualifies a rental than a pass 0

There are a lot things of Quantum of Solace: The Video Game that make you think the opposite of what the game is overall. It looks like a first-person shooter, but 8/10 of the time you're behind cover in third-person view. Another thing that gets you fooled is the title. I thought, for a sequel that had WAY more action scenes than Casino Royale ended up having less chapters to play. Apparently, Activision decided to have Casino Royale's sequences to be the most of the chapters. One last thing th...

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One of the most gratifying video games based on a movie out now. 0

I have to admit that I was VERY late to the Ghostbusters party. I knew that it existed, and the special effects at that time were spectacular, and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was the chosen Destructor- but I never saw the full film. A week before I knew the game came out already- I rented Ghostbusters and I was laughing hard at all these lines (partically Bill Murray's of course). Skipping to the end, I bought the Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Set and The Video Game.Rarely does a video game based on a mo...

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War is hell, this game I'm not sure. 0

Infinity Ward gladly realizes World War II games are starting to become boring. So after Call of Duty 2, work began on the sequel on modern warfare. There was Call of Duty 3 which there didn't had to be and plus it wasn't made by them. It's odd that Infinity Ward didn't make a brand new franchise just for this modern-themed war game but whatever the case, Call of Duty 4 is great.The single-player is short, with the length half as long as most first-person shooters like Half-Life 2 or Halo 3. Wha...

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Some major flaws are to be had, but overall it is a fun game. 0

Never have I been so scared that my motocycle crashed in a parking lot. Why I was scared? 'Cause I was surrounded in a parking lot filled with over 3,000 zombies (or more) coming towards me.And that's what Dead Rising does so perfectly. DR is Capcom's "what if you just wanted to kill zombies" game where you play as a freelance photo-journalist named Frank. Frank hears a rumor that a town is closed by the publich for unknown reason. Frank wants to do a story of it and the only way to go to the to...

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While the same as previous versions, this is still worth buying. 0

Had enough with games on the Xbox Live Arcade that only featured classics we know and love but wishing for something updated? Well look no more as Alien Hominid HD is the next best thing to come out since Uno. Alien Hominid started as a 'prototype' at The PC flash will live on to be played more than 6 million views. Then in 2004, the yellow alien landed on GameCube and PlayStation 2. Now 3 years later, gamers playing the Xbox 360 can now have the taste of the quirky gore. The gam...

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Halo 3 is better than the second one, and thats fine by me. 0

The third installment to the Halo trilogy is finally here and it is superb. Halo 1 didn't really evolve combat but it probably is one of the fine examples of first-person shooters out there. Halo 3 wouldn't be a Halo game without the great gameplay, amazing graphics, and the best original music for a game. With that said, it isn't a masterpiece. Then again, it is without a doubt, ONE of the best games this year. The story picks up not from Halo 2, but the book "Uprising". Although there is no di...

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Conker is very funny but some of the gameplay mechanics miss. 0

Conker: Live and Reloaded for the Xbox is the remake of Conker's Bad Fur Day for the N64. Most people might think it will a crappy import from Rare, but it turns out its not. Rare did bring back the same campaign from BFD but super-changed it. The graphics for one thing looks beautiful and stretches the Xbox's limits. From the character models to the liquid (dung, blood, water, etc.) shows Rare put alot of work on it. The story is exactly like the original but with some few changes like the joke...

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BioShock is a near-perfect game because of its story & innovation 0

Most shooters have the same formula you'll see at least once. Generic hallways, barely developed characters, overly-used stories, and lack of innovation. BioShock does what those shooters don't. BioShock is a game that you'll want to play for the beautiful environments in Rapture, unique and strange characters, interesting story, and the innovation of how the game lets you play.You play as Jack who is a lone survivor of a plane crash in the middle of Atlantic Ocean during the 60's. You go to the...

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