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Easy choice. I did not have a good experience with Skyrim, especially with its combat. Things got repetitive very quickly. The Last of Us for me.

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Definitely Bioshock. I loved Bastion and it was a fun game, but Bioshock was something else.

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I guess it'll be revealed at the next Tales of Event?

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While not out yet, but still apart of this generation, I feel Dark Souls II Japanese box-art stands out the most:

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@steadyingmeat: I'd like to assume that's only in place for the teaser site. As it can still turn out completely different.

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Loved Xenoblade even though it took me such a long time to finish and this always stuck:

Heart of Chaos from Final Fantasy XIII-2 which I quite enjoyed:

And honourable mention to Bastion:

Many others. Especially from The Last of Us and Bravely Default.

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Hey guys.... What if sega does a yakuza 5 on this game and pretends the west doesnt exist...

Yeah, but then Atlus USA exists.

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I enjoyed Infamous quite a lot and the IP has grown on me over-time. But The Last of Us hit home in many ways I thought it wouldn't and also had surprising depth to its game-play which made it really enjoyable after coming off Uncharted. So The Last of Us for me.

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Rev3? Sorry I don't visit any other gaming sites really so I don't know what that is. Link please? I'm not getting a console for a very long time, if at all, but I am enjoying watching these videos until GB gets theirs up.

I kinda wish Contrast was a little better, reviews have been disappointing. The game still looks super neat, just a little... broken.


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