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@killacam said:

i have to go with VII. shocker, i know. sephiroth, materia, buster sword, midgar, clones, pseudio-sci-fi.. that game and i, we just get each other.

Yes, I agree! FFVII's my fave, with FFVIII my second favorite. After that, if we don't count the MMORPG I've given countless hours to, lol, it could be FFVI... I certainly like what I played, but I didn't get very far.

Judging by Dissidia (not any character's best showing, I'm sure...), Kefka's my least favorite FF villain, though. He's certainly maniacal and cruel and sufficiently villanious, but there's nothing really interesting about him or his motivations like I got with most every other FF villain in the Dissidia series (Cloud of Darkness was the only one I can think of that was more of a non-entity in terms of personality or motivation). Kefka just seemed kind of one-note. That one note is played to perfection, sure, I just look for more in a villain.

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@AdzPearson: Yay, hope you have fun with it. ^^ Side Note: I HAVE bought a platform for only one game... thrice... XD A Gameboy Advance SP for Phantasy Star Collection, a Nintendo DS for Final Fantasy XII: Revanent Wings and a PSP for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Of course, since then, I've played a lot of other good-to-great JRPGs on all three platforms. ;D It's harder to consider picking up one of the home consoles for just one game, considering the setup and space that goes into it... a handheld is just plug-and-play! And it's small, to boot.

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@The_Laughing_Man: @The_Laughing_Man said:

Breath of fire 3 is awesome. Do they sell it for Vita (or PSP) In the states.

It's only for the PSP in Europe! ...which is why I ordered it from a guy in the UK on eBay today. :D I had soo much fun playing that game!

Anyway, great blog entry, AdzPearson. :)

"But, most importantly, it made me think 'Wait...there must be more games like this...' (the 7 may have been a giveaway)."

Hahahaha. So true. XD

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This is definitely one of the most underrated great RPGs of the '90s! I've loved many, but few have risen to the top like BoF III and yet been so universally under-appreciated. It's kind of baffling. Glad to hear some people still think it's great today. :)

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It's been 48 hours and I can post on walls again.

It seems the old rule is kind of/sort of/maybe in effect?

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@Undeadpool said:

@starleafgirl: Earthbound does that too, actually! The enemies in a dungeon will flee from you after you've beaten the boss of that dungeon. Makes leaving a LOT easier. And as for the instant-win giving you easy leveling, not really because by the time you get to that point, you'd have to do it...maybe 20-30 times to get a level.

I don't really like the setting or "look" of Earthbound, but damn, I can't argue with the mechanics of it. <3

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@AdzPearson said:

I'd probably give myself a leading role at Square-Enix. I'm a big RPG fan, so I'd like to give that a go (especially as things have gone a bit downhill as of late). There WILL be another Chrono game if I have anything to say about it...

Throw in a HD remake of FFVII on the PS3, please. :D

@JonSmith said:

Capcom spell checker. Because that way, I won't be stealing anyone's job.

LOL! Love that. XD

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1. Google Chrome

2. Windows XP

3. & 4. So I'd been posting on just AdzPearson's wall pretty regularly lately...

When suddenly I couldn't anymore, due to a Flood Protection Warning. I thought it was no big deal until I went to someone else's profile and couldn't post on their wall. A few hours later, I went to a third person's profile and couldn't post there. And today, a fourth's.

Why would Flood Protection be keeping me from making even one post on someone's wall...? That's why I think it's a bug.

Here's something I found:

According to that, I should be able to post anywhere, because I've asked AdzPearson and he's approved all my posts ("As long as received posts are approved by the recipient" in the New Logic section of that above link).

Hopefully, once a full 48 hours are over, I'll be able to post on walls again, but the whole situation just seems odd to me.

Hope you can figure it out, thanks.

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@Undeadpool said:

and finally, and I can't BELIEVE this didn't catch on: if you're vastly stronger than your opponent, the battle ends instantly and you're awarded XP and money.

That's awesome! I want that in more games. Although I guess it would make leveling kind of easy, if you just wanted to wander around the starter area for a while, lol.

Some games I've played (I forget which) have features like visible enemies ignoring you if they know you're vastly stronger than them or you get into combat with them and they instantly run away/surrender, etc... more games should be like that. No one should have to one-shot their way through random battles in a low level area just 'cos they want to take a walk on the overworld map. :x

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@BPRJCTX said:

And second, i must be the only one who comes primarily into a JRPG for the story.

What i want in a JRPG is an engaging story, interesting characters, interesting world, amazing music, great artstyle, and then comes gameplay, and all i need from that in a JRPG, is to be good enough, and interesting enough.

You're not alone in that. Fun gameplay is all well and good, but I'm not buying a game with crappy story/annoying characters/etc. just for it. For JRPGs, It's got to have a story for it to be worth my time and money -- deep and engaging is preferable, but I'll take semi-interesting and humorous, too, so long as the rest of the game isn't crap. Conversely, I'll play through a game that's not great in the gameplay department if it gets me through a storyline that really grabs at my heartstrings, with characters I've come to care about. Flaws in gameplay can be ignored if I care about the story. So while they're both important for overall enjoyment, story is moreso.

That's only within the RPG genre, anyway. Otherwise, I'm looking for mindless entertainment where gameplay is key (platformers, fighters, etc.).

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