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I mean, as far as free XBL arcade games there's not a whole not in the way. Currently the only two free ones I've recently played are Happy Wars and Doritos Crash Course. If you look around online, you're bound to find a list of free XBL arcade games. 
The paid ones are the ones you're really going to want to go after. Obviously if you spend money on a game, you can expect a high quality game. Pick up some microsoft points and download Castle Crashers, Minecraft, Counter-Strike, Braid, etc. just to name a few.

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It's certainly good enough to keep you busy for quite a while, that's for sure.

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Kinect is going to fail as bad as the Eye Toy and have just as many, if not more, games for children than the Wii.

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They just do it to get money. They figure if people are willing to pay for DLC, even if it's the same just refined every year, they're willing to put it out on the market.

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basically it makes the whole role playing aspect real. If you don't regularly eat or drink, you'll eventually die, stimpaks and radaway heal like real medicine. And hardcore mode can be turned on or off

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Anybody else excited for the new Hardcore mode they're implementing in Fallout New Vegas?

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@JJOR64 said:
" There were rumors going around that a couple of Dreamcast games are coming to XBLA.  I just want to know that price of them.  Hopefully no more then $20. "
considering how much I loved Jet Set Radio Future and have always wanted to play Jet Grind Radio, I'll pay whatever they ask of me.
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I'd appreciate it if some people would follow me as well :)

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@mazik765 said:
" @Meowshi said:
"  "Fourty" is the Canadian spelling "
I'm Canadian and that's how I have always spelled it, so you must be right. Just like armour or colour. "
I never really liked the British and Canadian spelling of most words. I find it odd that Favorite is spelled Favourite.
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@eroticfishcake said:
" According to the it's Forty. "Fourty" does not exist in the dictionary.  /thread "
Well if the dictionary's got it, then it must be right.
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