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hmm, interesting.

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but wouldn't it normally be fourty though?

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Do you spell it as "Forty" or "Fourty"? 
I've always wondered what's the proper way to spell the number 40.

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I hate Eidos. I would say that I am never buying a game from them, but they probably will make a game that will interest me.

And then fail. The Tomb Raider series has been bad recently. I miss the old PS1 Tomb Raider days. Don't even bother reviewing this game Jeff. If they send you a copy, send it back. And as a slap in the face, take a picture of you giving them the middle finger. That should let them know who they are messing with. =p

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Don't forget me! Amar93. I have like 14000 points. I have to finish up forza 2 and i'll be at 15000.

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People are always going to vote for other games for GOTY rather than Braid. They'll make excuses like they do all the time. Oh it's an XBLA game, how can it compete with MGS4 or GTA? A game is a game. And Braid is the Game of the Year.

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I only played the trial version, but I definitely think that it is worth the asking price that they posted. And this game definitely deserves GOTY simply because it is a tremendous effort and is better than anything else you'll find on the XBLA.

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There is this place that is also an "Own the Spot". It's that giant hill that you race down and it goes into these tunnels and then you speed up until you hit this ramp that places you behind Plan B skatepark. Then I skate in the park.

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I liked the final mission that you do for the Carnales. The one where you have to. SPOILER!!!!!!

Destroy that airplane and kill the dude whose name I forgot..

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I would love to see a sequel. But I think they are just focusing on the downloadable content right now.

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