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TNA: Total Nonstop Annoyance 0

When TNA was established back in May of 2002, they were WWE’s biggest competition. The WWE already had a huge fan base, and sold out more shows, but TNA kept fighting, and is now close behind WWE. Some consider TNA better than WWE, some may disagree. But that doesn’t matter. The WWE was dominant for the beginning years. They had a bigger fan base, more wrestlers, and they had wrestling video games. TNA has recently teamed up with Midway to bring another wrestling game into our homes, a frustrati...

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An Odyssey that you can get lost in... 0

The Xbox and the Xbox 360 really have not had much to offer for RPG enthusiasts. That was mostly Sony's territory, as the PS2 had a barrage of excellent, and not so excellent, Role-Playing Games. The 360 now has had Blue Dragon and currently Lost Odyssey in the US alone. While Blue Dragon wasn't a well received game, Lost Odyssey manages to do better.Lost Odyssey comes from the mind of Hironobu Sakaguchi, (The creator of the first five Final Fantasy games) and from the sounds of Nobuo Uematsu. (...

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