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I really like Dan being a part of the site now. He's entertaining and has an interesting perspective. When hes being an idiot about alcohol (which is largely what my work and life revolves around) I can laugh it off and move on. But did that fuck stick just ask brad if J.R.R. Tolkien is crazy and a L.Ron Hubbard type? And this fucker defends wrestling.

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Thanks for doing this!

1. DOTA 2

2. The Ship

3. Dirt 2

4. Red Orchestra 2

5. Just Cause 2

6. Mark of the Ninja

7. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

8. Superbrothers

9. The Ship

10. Universe Sandbox

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Oh is it time for another one of these threads again? @pochepiller said:


Bonne journée

David Gaudreault

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This guy talking about "Quickplays" reminds me of my grandma talking about "That Nintendo PlayBox you kids like so much"

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This is incredible, clearly the Vinny genius didn't start at Giant Bomb, it simply flourished here.

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@Deadmeat said:

Did I not notice this before? It just seems if it's not a weird game from Japan or doing something different its "stupid and dumb". I kinda cringe when he talks on the bombcast or quicklooks now...

Is this a new thing or has he always been things way? I admit I don't read his stuff since well... they are always about something like kickstarter or molyjamwhich I could care less about.

Just when I got used to ignoring Ryan's "I know everything" statements...

Brad + Jeff + Vinny + Whitta would be the best bombcast group.

"Wahhhhhhh, someone on the internet disagrees with me! Wahhhhhhh!"

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@patrickklepek:I would love something like this, and I don't need it to be formal, in a "ever Monday" sort of thing. Make individual posts for big things, and these types of posts for other things. Just do, like, whatever feels right, man.

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Mass Effect, because in light of my long distance relationship all of my money is going to visiting her.

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@Mordukai: Unless there is a mistake with the order, such as not being the same thing that was listed on the menu, or is clearly undercooked or overcooked, then never send it back. You simply not liking something does not mean they have to make you something else or refund you. Some huge corporate restaurants will bend over backwards for you and do whatever you like if you complain, but otherwise they would have every right to say "tough luck" if what you ordered simply doesn't fit your tastes.