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#1 Posted by Starsimon (67 posts) -
@MindOST said:
If there's one thing gamers love to do, it's bitch, moan, and cut their collective wrists over every little thing.   E3 makes me love games, but it makes me HATE gamers with a passion.
Well said. 100% agree with you. 
#2 Edited by Starsimon (67 posts) -
I disagree. If the information is currently safe then it doesn't mean someone in the future wouldnt be able to decode it. Sony isn't going to say peoples details are safe if their's the slighest possibility of someone deciphering it in the future as then they'll likely run into some other lawsuits down the line.
#3 Posted by Starsimon (67 posts) -
Well there is the possibility that the data was encrypted but a copy of those files were taken from the sony server for people to try and decipher. But fair comment and knows?
Hey, we all make mistakes and who's to say this couldn't also happen to Microsoft. I'm just sick of people only thinking about themselves and how it benefits 'them'

#4 Posted by Starsimon (67 posts) -
@detectivepbert said:

" @Akeldama:   Please provide your credit card information to the forum. "

So greedy people like you can have it. I hope Sony never sells you a Playstation game ever again (that would be an ideal world). 
#5 Posted by Starsimon (67 posts) -

Some people on this forum make me feel sick about the world. 

This site exists due to companies like Sony providing us with interactive entertainment. In my opinion, Sony try to do their dam best for gamers by providing them innovative, interesting and fun gaming experiences (even if part of the reason for doing so is to make a profit).

Now don't get me wrong, Sony has made a big mistake. But in all honestly I'm sure many gamers would happily provide an iffy website with a name, DOB and home address just to have a taste of the next HALO-GT-HALFLIFE game. 

Who's to say that the details that were stolen aren't encrypted? Who knows if the people who stole details even intend to use it. Furthermore, Sony have only mentioned the possibility of credit card details being stolen. But I'm sick and tired of people ranting about Sony for not informing them them on day1 because of their rights. How many of you have really contacted your bank today to change your credit card details? (awaits flaming comments of the rare few that have done so). 

Nothing is hack-proof if you have the time and the resources to break in. At the end of the day this will only hurt the gamer as it will seriously effect how Sony invests in the gaming market for the future. 
#6 Posted by Starsimon (67 posts) -
@watson_twenty5 said:
"HA! HD Corn Flakes! That's great!  I go back and forth on the matter. I liked the demo that was shown at last year's E3 with the sword and shield. I like the responsiveness of it if the game's tailor made to support the 1:1 movement. Seems like it'll be much better than the Wii's motion controls. I guess it all comes down to the games released for it for me. Time will tell. " 
#7 Posted by Starsimon (67 posts) -

Sure I'll join. My PS3 ID is StarSi.
#8 Posted by Starsimon (67 posts) -
@Ineedaname said:
"Anyone tell me why L4D2 isn't showing up on my steam achievements? "

Have you signed in to xbox live?
#9 Posted by Starsimon (67 posts) -
@Jeust said:
"@Linkyshinks: it seems nice, but unless you import, you'll have the Leona Lewis' My hands as the theme song. 
Is she really good?  
I never heard of her lol 

Leona is huge here in the UK. She's an X-Factor winner however she is actually kinda good     :S
#10 Edited by Starsimon (67 posts) -

I’ve heard a few things on a couple of forums that you could get in trouble by Microsoft if you play a 360 game before its release date. Is this true? I have both a ps3 and 360 and here in the UK my PS3 copy of Modern Warfare 2 was dispatched by HMV on Wednesday. I'm hoping mine will arrive before Tuesday but should I (or others who may have it on 360) be concerned with playing it before the release date?    

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