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I got it guys, whenever any piece of fiction wants to depict a thing as having elents of racism/sexism/intolerance of any kind we can just target it all at straight white males! As long as we can avoid talking about religion too we can still have all the nuance and depth we want without making anyone unhappy! And it will come across as totally believable and natural and not at all pandering!

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Frobisher Says, can't fancy link you because I'm on my phone.

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@brodehouse: Good point, but I was talking more about external groups more interested in advancing their own agendas through the crisis instead of resolving said crisis. Simply arresting the officer, or even punishing the police force, might not be enough for them.

Can't say I disagree with that sentiment though. The shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent transformation of Ferguson into a police state are just symptoms.

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@bisonhero: You could make a buddy and just concede the game to each other, or even an alt account on a separate device. The free ticket is worth it IMO.

EDIT: Also this just in: Legendary Chest for first 10 wins and first 10 online wins, seems like a per account sorta thing, also apparently there are more, maybe first 100 wins?

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Update: The iOS store has fixed the issue and the game is now out on all platforms! Hooray!

The servers are back up and now "Secrets of Solis" is available for PC and Android users. Unfortunately an "issue" with the app store update process caused the iOS update to be delayed. SBE are working on getting it fixed but right now they have no ETA.

But enough about all that. I suppose you're wondering what's new with this update. Well, aside from the 60 new cards come three new keywords, Consistent, Overload, and Solbind.

  • Consistent - appears on Level 2 or higher cards, guarantees the card will be in the top 20 with every shuffle
  • Overload - card is removed from deck upon playing
  • Solbind - adds additional, specific cards to your deck that do not count towards 30-card limit

Other fun stuff includes the ability to view the deck and discard pile which some of the new cards take advantage of and new deck validation rules that will allow them to get more creative with future Weekend Warrior events. Draft has undergone a massive change as a majority of the Common, Uncommon, and Rare cards from Set 1 have been removed from the format. In total, 122 cards from Alpha can no longer be drafted.

Alpha Common, Uncommon, and Heroic cards not removed from draft:


  • Forge Guardian Alpha
  • Jet Pack
  • Cypien Augmentation
  • Forge Guardian Beta
  • Forge Guardian Gamma
  • Oreian Battledroid


  • Death Seeker
  • Graveborn Glutton
  • Dr. Frankenbaum
  • Tarsus Deathweaver
  • Rite of the Grimgaunt
  • Xrath, Dreadknight of Varna
  • Death Seeker


  • Nargath Bruiser
  • Windcaller Shaman
  • Flamestoke Shaman
  • Zephyr Mage
  • Fervent Assault
  • Master of Elements


  • Brighttusk Sower
  • Ether Hounds
  • Spring Dryad
  • Venomfang
  • Lifeblood Dryad
  • Restless Wanderers

Oh, and Alloyin got a new Forgeborn

Also they made a bunch of balance changes including a nerf to Zimus even though, like, no one plays Zimus any more.

Razortooth Stalker

o Level 2:

  • Before: When Razortooth Stalker deals battle damage to a player, it gets +4 attack and +4 health.
  • After: When Razortooth Stalker deals battle damage to a player, it gets +3 attack and +3 health.

o Level 3:

  • Before: When Razortooth Stalker deals battle damage to a player, it gets +6 attack and +6 health.
  • After: When Razortooth Stalker deals battle damage to a player, it gets +5 attack and +5 health.

Shardthief Druid

o Template updated for clarity (ability did not change)

Death Seeker

o Spirit Warriors have calmed down – are now only Spirits

Zimus the Undying

o Level 3 Changed

o Before: When Zimus, the Undying is destroyed, return him to the field into one of your available spaces at random.

o After: When Zimus, the Undying is destroyed, put a level 3 Zimus, the Returned into one of your available spaces at random.

o Zimus, the Returned Level 3:

  • At the end of the turn, replace Zimus, the Returned with a level 3 Zimus, the Undying.

Forge Guardian Omega

o Art Updated

o Added Consistent

o Large Card View of Omega now shows all 3 levels of the card

Restless Wanderers

o Creature type now “Spirit Wanderers”.

o Ability now triggers off of “Spirit Wanderers” entering the field.

Ghostscale Cobra

o Ability text now correctly indicates that it triggers off of “battle damage”


o Text updated at all levels to reflect card functionality

o Before: Discard up to 2 cards and level them.

o After: Discard two cards and level them.

Lyria, Muse of Varna

o Can now return creatures that have been either destroyed or replaced.

o (KNOWN BUG) Lyria Level 3 only brings back one creature killed or replaced this game. This will be fixed in a future update.

Varna’s Pact

o Can now return creatures that have been either destroyed or replaced.

o Varna’s Pact was slowing games when in hand. This problem has been fixed. However, Varna’s Pact will now be playable even if no creatures have died or been replaced this game (in which case it will not summon anything when played).

Oxidon Spitter

o Now can only target creatures with Armor


o Now gains 1 regenerate whenever a creature dies at all levels.

o Attack and Health Updated

  • Level 1:
    • Before: 4/6
    • After: 4/5
  • Level 2:
    • Before: 8/10
    • After: 8/9
  • Level 3:
    • Before: 15/17
    • After: 15/16

BinBen, the Lightning Herald

o BinBen has learned to better control lightning, and now summons level 2 and 3 Lightning Elementals at level 2 and 3. (he still summons 2 elementals at level 2, and fills the lanes at level 3)

  • Level 2: 7/5
  • Level 3: 11/8

Steelscale Dragon

o Once again has creature type Robot Dragon

All in all, it's a very interesting update. They've added quite a few cards/mechanics that will help mitigate variance (which seems to be the biggest complaint about the game) but they've also added a mechanic in Solbind that can dramatically increase variance. The meta is about to get rocked and I can't wait to see what comes out on top. I'm still determined to make AT Mobility work even if Uterra got an amazing hate card to use against mobility. And maybe Forge Guardian Omega is a viable archetype? (No, no it isn't.)

I'm super bummed that the iOS version is busted as I'm going to be gone for the weekend. Hopefully they get this fixed soon or else I'm going to have to beg my Beyoncé's little brother to let me use his PC.

EDIT: Seems like as a stealth update they've also added Legendary chest rewards for an unknown number of wins. Seems like there are at least 2 chests you can get for like... 10 wins and 10 online wins...? Also a community member who works closely with the dev team has hinted that there are more rewards to be found.

EDIT2: Also apparently this release is rife with bugs, so maybe that's what's holding up the iOS update...? I'm having too much fun with my new AT Mobility deck to care, though.

EDIT3: NM, this is what's holding up the iOS release

Just got off the phone with the Apple rep. Here's a summary of the pertinent details:

  • Apple is having a system wide issue that is preventing approved apps from being published.
  • Our app was approved yesterday, we went to publish @ 11pm EST and it failed to push
  • Apple support has said the issue is a top priority and should be resolved Soon

We're sorry about this delay and share your frustration. We'll be keeping you abreast with anything we learn as the day goes on.

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@vessel28 said:

Alright, thanks everyone. I will probably try this later on in the week as an alternative to playing Hearthstone. Guess I'll also take @bisonhero's advice and play against the CPUs at first as being able to do your dailies that way sounds great.

Sorry didn't see this earlier, but one of your daily rewards is for first online game win so you can't do them all against CPU.

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@mikefightnight: Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, I think the game sounds amazing, but I'm simultaneously intimidated by the process of acquiring a JP account and JP point cards and the idea of managing GRD.

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Shocking lack of DMC2 here. After how magical DMC was, I was super hype for this game. It is the only time I have ever bought a game and immediately wanted my money back. Luckily GameStop was still taking opened games are returns for full value at that time.

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Hey, I got a question as a potential Importer. Does this game have a grappler? How awesome is he/she?

Timer scam infinite! Man, I simultaneously really want and really don't want to get this game.