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Horizon by a mile. I'm also interested in For Honor if they can give it the right degree of mechanical depth, but that's going to be a tall order.

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Do taco stands count as fast food? If yes, then Taco Azteca in Glendale, CA. If no, then probably Tommy's.

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@fredchuckdave: Sure, have USFIV top 8 first on Sunday followed by SFV. I'd expect USFIV to have a bigger bracket though.

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If I had to guess I'd expect them to do USFIV as the main event for CPT 2016 and a smaller tournament for SFV. Turn it into a 3-day thing.

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Man, I can't wait for SFV. Hopefully I'll have better internet by then and I'll be able to take this game semi-seriously.

EDIT: Birdie mirrors! Doughnuts for days!

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@pezen: The trailer made it seem like the game was set waaay in the future. That knowledge simply could have been lost to history, at least to the tribe the protag belongs to. I wouldn't be surprised if discovering the truth of the past ended up being a major plot point.

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This game seems like the worst design choices in every direction which sucks because I was so excited for it. Shit happens way too slow to enable active play but fast enough so that the constant need the check back feels more like an annoying chore than a game.