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I started watching Shippuden after that QL with Alex and Vinny. Apparently there are 240+ more episodes on Hulu. Jiraiya and Itachi just died. Does the quality keep up or does the show lose its sense of focus?

Holy crap, I did not realize I already watched two major filler arcs. Now I'm wondering if I should skip the rest like I usually do or actually watch them.

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  • Dreamfall
  • Okami

The end

There are arguments to be made for Oblivion and Gears in terms of influence and impact, but if we're talking about "best" games, I will be far on the opposite side of that discussion.

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Sort of? I knew I was going to want Bayo2 so we ended up buying one of the MK8 bundles when my Beyoncé was in a spendy mood.

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So many games coming out, thank god I play GG on pad. Don't think I could afford a stick for my PS4.

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Cool write-up. I'll be keeping an eye on this game for when it drops in price. There's too much other stuff I want to buy over the next couple months.

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@brenderous said:

@do_the_manta_ray said:

I strongly disagree with her methods, but it's hard not to respect her decision to keep fighting for what she believes in after such an ordeal.

You disagree with "literally just having an opinion and putting it in a YouTube video?"

If he's like me, I'd say that it's completely valid to disagree with someone for self-admittedly ignoring context when presenting examples.

EDIT: Or to disagree with someone who, say, steals a piece of artwork from an independent artist, uses it in their official branding, then refuses to even entertain the notion of entering a dialogue with said artist when she requests that her artwork not be used without her permission.

EDIT2: To be clear, no one deserves death threats/doxxing and I can at least appreciate the Anita Sarkeesian's general intentions. I just find it regrettable that one of the leading faces of this important movement has such a questionable personal code of ethics.

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It's not too late to change the title of this blog to "Kiefer Madness".

I really hate how much this comment is making me chuckle right now.

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@ianh83: FFX and X-2 are great games. It's the first FF where the mechanics really began to shine. The graphics and VO will feel a bit dated, so that may or may not end up working for you. You're actually better suited for playing FFXIII than most people, I'd imagine, as you wouldn't have all the baggage of wanting it to be just like older games in the series. It has, in my opinion, the best combat system of any rpg I've played. It has tons of room for min/max obsessiveness and is flexible enough to let you beat enemies significantly stronger than you if you're good enough. XIII-2 is a much more open game, but it just kind of drops you in both mechanically and narratively, so it may be too bewildering a place to start. Lightning Returns has an entirely different a wholly unique combat system that is worth experiencing, although the game can feel a bit meandering and unfocused.

As for the rest of it, Revengeance isn't going to blow your mind (OK, the crazy story might), but the strong focus on parrying is something relatively unique to the genre that gives the game a unique feel. I'm pretty sure you haven't played anything like Vanquish recently, it's hard to think of any other shooters where you should be spending a majority of your time rocketing around the battlefield and any cover you see is really just a trap. The inFamous games just have solid action and traversal and dole out new powers at a fantastically tuned carrot-on-a-stick rate. RE5 is a weird one. If you can approach the gameplay on its own terms and not expect it to be something it isn't, it can be immensely satisfying with the push and pull of managing your environment and enemies within the limitations of your own mobility. It's one of the few games I have beaten then immediately started playing again because it was so much fun.