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@bisonhero: Mike updated the strip with the typos fixed, might be worth updating the strip in the OP

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Surely you must have some insight into it's character, or whatever motivates it. You're it's child.

English is not my native language, but even I can tell, that is the wrong "its."

You are correct, but the way in which "its" works is an edgecase as every other word you had an apostraphe to denote possession but with it you do not.

And that's an exception that most people learn about in their teens. No excuse for writers to make that mistake.

In all fairness, this was written by Mike. The typos were his and have since been fixed.

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@zella: Ultrachen

EDIT: Ok, now that I think about it, I don't think I've seen that officially stated anywhere, but I'm like 99.999999999% sure it's Ultrachen. They did the WW of CC videos after all.

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P4G imo, it's just made for you to play on your Vita. Easy to do bite-sized chunks and you can put it in standby as you do other vacationy things. DA is a game you have to commit a block of time to if you want to get anything meaningful done.

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Most likely your Origin account is what was hacked. Contact EA support tomorrow and get them to reverse the charge. Anything else that uses the same/similar login and PW as your Origin account is at risk. You shouldn't need to cancel your CC.

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@smokeyd123: It was just Harada trolling fools like usual. No idea why everyone freaked out. No, I do know why. Because the clicks!

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Typically, when there are three options on the right side, it follows the DA2 system. Top-right is diplomatic/helpful, middle is humorous/charming, bottom-right is aggressive/direct. That doesn't mean bottom-right is automatic disapproval. It depends on the demeanor of your companions and the situation.

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Bees is the best grenade, hands down. My whole party carries bees. Sucks if you can't get it for booting Sera.

Also I enjoy her and think she'd be extremely interesting for a couple of plot missions that I didn't happen to bring her to during my first play through.

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I am super on-board with Agents of SHIELD and Kyle MacLachlan is a fucking revelation. Still wish Chloe Bennet could, like, act, but whatever. Maybe they thought she'd be great as Quake and weren't too worried about how she'd be as Skye. That's probably not the case though. Her shooting Ward was definitely a highlight. I'm curious about who Raina is going to be. Someone new or based on an existing character? Also I hope Amy Acker shows up again just because I want more excuses to look at Amy Acker.

As an aside, not really sure I get Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones. She has such a waifish look to her, how is she going to portray someone with super-strength? That said, Marvel has been really spot-on with their casting so far that I'll give the show the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they'll just make her work out like Chris Pratt.

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I really wanted to see characters from the comics in this show but instead we got random people with powers.

You mean Blackout, Blizzard, Deathlok, and Graviton?

EDIT: Also Flash was alright and I have no familiarity with the comics so I'm absolutely bewildered about where things could be going. It's a nice feeling. Haven't watched Arrow yet.

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All DLC is technically unethical if you think about it from a perspective of "they held this content back from the full game so they could charge money for it later."

So if you make up stories in your head?

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I dunno, both hit it and arena will still favor players with a more diverse card pool. On the other hand, the only thing a limited card-pool does is shift the metagame, not make it more diverse. Out of everything I'd probably prefer arena. It allows for a certain degree of ownership while preventing more knowledgeable players from exploiting powerful synergies.

EDIT: Oh also thanks for all your hard work last time and congrats! Kids are awesome!

EDIT2: Also to answer the actual question I'd be cool to participate in anything and lose horribly to all these newfangled goblins and gnomes.