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Finally played this. It was fucking great. Shot Felix that fucker.

I think the combination of setting and two main characters is really freeing for this sort of game to fuck around with choices. My only concern is that they won't be able to maintain the high bar they've set for themselves out of the gate. Rgh I need more!

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Hadn't heard that. Would be really interesting if Shield Knight had no attacks and the game was somehow designed to account for that?

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@mb: That sounds like a good jumping-off point and something I can just do without having to hem and haw about it.

@noizy: It's the FPS on higher-end games like DA:I and FC4. Also startup seems to be taking longer but I honestly just need to format this HD. It's been accumulating bullshit for years.

@telexen: I'll keep that mobo info in mind. I'll also look into that other SSD.

@silver-streak: Thanks for those links, I'll give them a peruse. And yeah, the SSD is just going to be for the OS, evergreen games like CivV, and whatever the latest single-player game is that I'm going to delete as soon as I'm finished.

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I know this isn't exactly the place for this but you guys are smart and the spambot at Tested is not smart and banned me twice because I guess I had too many links in my thread...? Here's my copypasta:

So I've got a pretty old CPU and GPU rattling around inside my rig and games are starting to really chug so I think it's time to upgrade. I have an i5-2500k and a GTX 560ti right now plugged into my Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 mobo.

I've been reading various articles and I think I'll be ok with an i5-4690k and I guess the GTX 970 is the budget hotness? Trying to not break the bank here. I figure I'll slap a Samsung 850 Pro or SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD in there for good measure. I'll be reusing 8 GB (2 sticks) of Corsair Vengeance RAM as well as a Corsair TX650 PSU and my 1TB Western Digital HD for the more boring stuff.

Does this make sense? Also what motherboard do I need? I'm about as clueless as I can be on that front.

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Gonna agree with whomever mentioned Theatrhythm. Also (U)MvC3 is packed FULL of fanservice for Marvel fans and Capcom fans and even seasoned tournament players that know the etymology of every colloquialism in that one Yipes video.

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Can't remember if I posted in this thread the first time around, but I'm all for it. Kojima is one of the few devs in AAA space who consistently tries to push boundaries. I don't care what those boundaries are and I don't care how hamfisted his attempts end up being, I just want him to keep pushing.

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Thanks again!

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@i_stay_puft: It's basically a class-based isometric ARPG where players are expected to swap between multiple combat, gathering, and crafting classes that all compliment one another. If you ever played an MMO like WoW it's like how you can be a warrior who does mining and blacksmithing, except miner and blacksmith are their own separate classes with complete progression paths.

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For the most part, attacks that pop-up do so consistently. Neutral-jump punch is a pop-up that exist across the entire cast. I can't linky because I'm on my phone but I did a handful of combo videos for the wmfightclub channel we had for a little while so you can search for that. They were right after release so a lot of it may have been patched out but it's better than nothing. Actually the entire crux of the sick 50/50 setups i concocted for Scarlett turned out to be a bug that was patched a few days after she came out so boo. I'll come back to give a more thoughtful post when I'm home.

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Aw, beat me to it