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I got the knife ending... I never felt so empty after beating a game. Needless to say I immediately started another play through.

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I think this is missing the point entirely.  You listed two vary mainstream games of mainstream genres.  Though, the argument of genre is also irrelevant. You can make any genre accessible and mainstream. Just because there are few low barriers to entry doesn't really make a game "hardcore".  Both games you listed a very approachable but also have depth. I haven't played either of them but I know it takes a heck of a lot of time to get every star in a mario game. It also takes a lot of time to shoot enough dudes in the face to prestige all the way. While that depth may encourage someone to get "hardcore into a game, the depth is not a requirement to complete or enjoy the game. "Hardcore" is the frequency or intensity of which you play a game. 
The opposite is also not true. Just because a game is not mainstream or approachable doesn't make it "hardcore". It might just attract that type of player simply because of how complex the mechanics are or how steep the learning curve is. For instance, I didn't find Demon's Souls to be "hardcore" it merely attracted those type of players because the game wasn't very approachable. While I didn't find the game to be insanely difficult it required a level of patience that is somewhat extinct in modern gaming. 
So, my point is, the poll is moot. The hardcore vs. non hardcore argument is dumb just like console wars. People enjoy games in different ways, labels exist so people have a basis of measurement. Also, I never mentioned skill. Skill is also irrelevant to this argument. You can be skilled and play a game casually, or be awful and play hardcore. The modern gaming world exists on the investment of time and money.

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I wasn't that impressed... still good though

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People don't like everything. He played the game and didn't like it. Don't be so butt hurt. They shit on my favorite games all the time, while they praise games I find to be utter garbage. People have differing tastes... deal with it

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PS3s dont sell as well as 360s, cuz they dont break every two seconds. TBH, the only struggles I see within the industry is declining hardware sales of the wii, though the only Nintendo system to care about is obviously the DS.
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It almost hurts how much I don't care. Shooters are so stale and boring these days... someone needs to do something different for a change.

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I am personally shocked anytime a test isn't all multiple choice. It sucks, but gives you a chance to guess.

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Just saw this come in the other day. Never seen Giant Bomb featured on a cover/back of a game so it was cool to see. I should have taken a picture of it :/

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god I hope so, then the pot heads will finally shut the hell up

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P is Phantom Brave