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Rock Lives On, on the PSP? 7

Final Verdict: 5/5 Stars The Good: Great port while staying true to the Rock Band experience. Good song list. Fun, hectic, gameplay. The Bad: Poor load times. Some minor frame rate issues.         I have logged about 15-20 hours and just completed the world tour. Let me get this out of the way: This game is freaking awesome. Granted I was a huge fan of frequency and have fond memories of that game, but I remember one thing... that game was really hard. I guess RBU takes a page out that book. The...

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Easily the worst RPG I have ever played. 0

I excitedly picked up a used copy of this game when I saw one in. I had been afraid to buy it new after mixed reviews. Sadly, the negative reviews were more than true. This game has the worst voice acting I have ever heard in any game. It sounds like a bad fan sub for a lame anime series. If that wasn't enough, this game neglects everything that makes a Suikoden game a Suikoden game. There are no 108 stars of destiny (in the normal sense). Instead I revive spirits into items. Also there is no ar...

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Excellent game with a hefty price tag 2

      This is an excellent game with tons of content, but it just might burn out a little quick for some. This is where the issue of price comes in. I personally love rhythm games and fell in love with this game, but sadly after beating it in a matter or about two hours, I was glad it was merely a rental.      The games are fun and the music is great, plug in your headphones and you can really be absorbed in the songs. The only problem I have is that the visuals can be misleading. For most games...

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More frustration than challenge. 1

    This game caught my interest as it seemed similar the Front Mission series, sadly, this frustrating SRPG is not just difficult it is borderline broken. The story is weak, as is the voice acting, it is just enough to keep you playing, but it is far from satisfying. So this is where the game play should make up for it, but honestly it doesn't. The battle system is boring and leads to long and mostly annoying battles. The cover system fails to add strategy to this game. All in all, I would pass...

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Great remake of a classic RPG 0

    This is to me, a perfect remake. The classic SNES look and feel remains while they added in great voice acting and anime cut scenes. This game brought me back into the Star Ocean universe after the disappointment of Star Ocean: Til the end of time. With a robust item creation system, and a nearly endless skill list with quick leveling eliminates the need for grinding and makes character/equipment improvement visible and satisfying. The story is excellent but falls short in play time. I manag...

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Nice Strategy RPG flavor for the PSP 0

    Yggdra Union was a solid GBA game and it holds up well on the PSP. The story is far from unique but the battle system is deep enough to keep the game interesting and challenging to play. This allows the battles to provide a good flow to the game and also trickles in the story so you are stuck reading blocks of text.    There isn't much to say about the game. It is far from exceptional, but it is a much needed addition to the PSP library. It is challenging and engaging and well worth checking...

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An excellent pre-order incentive 0

I view this game from the stand point that it is a free pre-order gift. If you purchased this game from XBLA I could see why you are upset. While looking at it as a free gift it is an excellent way to drum up hype for Fable 2 and waste an afternoon. Since a pre-order costs nothing, buying the game is like throwing away 10 dollars and I have no idea why you would want to waste your money. I see no need to even review this, but the simple fact is the games are fun. Sorry to everyone that downloade...

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An Excellent addition to the Wii library 0

The Good: Great dialogue, fun gameplay, good humor, entertaining story, great visual style The Bad: Boring GTA like free-roaming between mission, jobs get repetitive, getting the money   for the next match can be a pain, main story is a little short considering the cost                 No More Heroes is a worthy addition to the Wii library, offering some much needed crazy action for non-casual gamers that should please any action gamer. The game starts out great and the action holds up through-o...

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