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@belegorm: No, most tournaments use 360 due to the PS3 version having lag on most stages besides the training stage due to VSync issues and overheating issues. EVO used PS3 because one year Sony was a sponser and they needed them for Tekken 5, so they played it on there since they had them lying around; even they switched to 360 for this year.

Yes and in the last Gen the 360 had the better hardware graphically making the PS3 lag in comparison with their wtf cell chip that no one knows how to program for. Yet we are now in the XB1 and PS4 era, where the PS4 has the better hardware. So going by the same logic, the whole exclusive to the better hardware console isn't a bad thing.

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Unless someone actually steps up for the rest of the updates of Killer Instinct past what double Helix was slated to work on, I think KI wouldn't be around next year.

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Why would someone put effort into a game to make it free with no micro transactions? I am not saying it is a waste because I am saying I don't know. What would the dev get out of it besides experience? Exposure? So people will pay for the next game?

This game is extremely simple, based on a existing flash game but instead of a helicopter its a bird, and still has ads.

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it wont look as good, but not as far off as people suggest.

And that is why the underpowered consoles of this generation is going to last at least 5 years.

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Yeah well at least you can put a game in a console and play it instantly and not have to install it

what's a what?

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Its dark souls. KNowing that the preorder bonus is probably the dick wolves pack where when you start the game you get this new enemy called the dick wolves. All they do is rape you constantly, they give no exp, gold or item drops.

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I disagree. A back log wouldn't happen unless there was still some current game the gamer is playing preventing them from clearing the back log.

It's by Jason Rohrer.

Better that they spent that money on one full-price game that they really want rather than four 75%-off impulse buys to add to their backlog.

See, this is assuming that the player only has enough money to buy a bundle of older cheap games, or one new one, hence hurting the sales of the new game. But if the player is also playing the current new game, therefore making the back log that will never be completed, the entire situation has changed.

The only thing that is actually bad for the developers and such is that fact that most of us know and expect a sale at certain times of the year. So for those of us that actually is on a budget, we choose to wait until its on sale to play. Sure we pick up other games when it's bought since it was part of a bundle package or something. (hence the back log). But the developers and such only really care about their game sales for the first couple months really. So a good game that doesn't sell well initially, will always be that cult hit, because enough people had waited for a sale. Waited until the producers of the game had made up their minds and said fuck it, no sequel. At least not without a fight from the fans and such which takes time.

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The transition from SD to HD was kinda forced on everybody. The SD broadcast itself was going away and all stores completely discontinued all SD stuff making everybody buy HD stuff. Even then it took a while before everybody made the transition. I believe the same has to be done to make 4k the next HD thing. After all, there will always be someone that doesn't have money to burn (ie: me), that will opt for best bang for your buck, which is definitely not 4k stuff anytime soon.

I know a handful of stuff will run 4k, but to have it be a standard, no maybe next, next gen it will be a standard. Until then, it will just be something that is on the cutting edge; the extra feature you get when you spend more than what the standard is.

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1 MONTH??, Did we really had to wait 1 MONTH?? for 2 season-events with the V1.03 update??? and still no Red Bull X2014 standard championship opened??

Is there really no one from the Approx. 110 employees at Polyphony who can speedup things over there? Why does it take 3 years to present a game that looks nearly similar to GT5 (to me), nearly all the same cars, nearly the same tracks, but without the A-Spec and B-Spec, without the secondhand garage, without the option of restoring or copying settings, without the option to exchange or giving away cars, with (also to me) poor sound quality, without 3D gaming, the animations are gone... (for some an improvement), with some (nearly) impossible events and/or licenses to drive?

I guess that they (at Polyphony) were not ready for us GranTurismo fans with GT6.

I think it took too long to release the latest version of GranTurismo, and so they just dropped a too small, incomplete version of GranTurismo 6 at the market to keep us satisfied. For me at this moment? i wished i hadn't bought it yet, too disappointed at this moment...

Uh, dude i think the changes in gt6 kinda went over your head. Sure they brought back all the old cars, but there's a crap load of new cars they added as well. The LMP cars are updated, there's the Aston Martin 77, which in real life is more rare than the Veyron. All the Nascars are updated as well as latest Viper, Vette stingray, Pagani Huayra, and Tuner cars like the Boss 302. Sure I could name off cars that wasn't included as well, so I'm not 100% satisfied myself but I still wouldn't say they did nothing.

As far as tracks go, Silverstone, willowsprings, and of course goodwood festival of speed ain't exactly nothing to recreate in the detail the tracks are. A Spec B Spec is at most a gimic and mini game to grind money faster really. No need for a second hand garage when you can buy everything from the dealership new.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blindly defending the game saying it should have been GOTY or something, but for the most part, I'm having fun playing the game; and that to me makes the game worth its price.

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Its never too late to dive into that world of frustration and self hatred.