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@FellOpenIan: You are saying this as if this only applies to video games. This applies to everything. Any product you buy today will be improved and refined and will come down in price. Any computer you buy will be improved upon and become cheaper. If you bought an Xbox 360 Premium at launch you will have paid more money than it costs today to buy the superior Elite. If, as you say, you don't care about getting something right away I honestly don't see what your problem is. If you want to wait and get the GOTY version with all the DLC a year from now then do so. I don't see how Gearbox developing the retail release for another year and releasing it with all the planned DLC on the disc presents a different result. If anything you stand to gain from this situation, because GOTY versions, as you say, often are sold at lower prices than launch versions. If Gearbox released Borderlands next year with all the planned DLC as part of the game then you would have to pay more than you would in the current situation.
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They didn't develop the DLC during the game's development. The content on the disc would have been finalised months ago and Gearbox would have spent the last few months fixing bugs and polishing the game. It would be pretty irresponsible of them to have their development team sitting around the office doing nothing for a couple of months waiting until it was 'acceptable' to start working on DLC. You should be thankful that Gearbox and other studios are so dedicated that they begin immediately creating more content for their games, and if you don't feel that way then you don't have to buy it. You can still buy Borderlands and experience the game in full, it's not as if they cut out a chunk of the retail release so they could make more money.