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Im glad facebook bought Oculus now, cause like the oculus guy said:

“Why would we want to sell to someone like (Microsoft) or Apple?” he asked. “So they can tear the company apart and use the pieces to build out their own vision of virtual reality, one that fits whatever current strategy they have? Not a chance.”

facebook made an investment, they spent 2 billion and all they have to do is sit back and let the oculus team do its thing and then reap the hundreds of billions that will follow. there is no reason for them to integrate facebook into it and they aren't going to spend 2 billion to shat all over a good thing and ruin it.

the reason why they are a good match is cause FB isnt a hardware company, they know nothing about it so thats more reason for them to just let the Oculus team do its thing with the resources provided and just reap the rewards that follow. MS or SOny or any other hardware/tech company would do nothing but get in the way and try to change things up when that isnt needed

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lot of good replies here, thanks everyone. ive clearned some missions and new ones have popped up so ithink im getting it under control. also i think not having an iphone to get the ifruit app is screwing ppl over. the game doesnt prompt me to take chop for a walk at all and i never was able to train him without the app. they need to hurry up with that android version cause its leaving some people out in the cold pretty badly.

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I found this cause i just saw it in game and wanted to see if i was the only person upset by his death and the way he died. i guess when you really think about it they were showing how far Johnny had fallen. his appearence is obviously different as he is very skinny and strung out being addicted to meth. he didnt have any real fight in him or anything, he just got mildy upset that his girl he still loved was being screwed by this jerk. the old johnny w all know and love would have just straight up took trevor out right then and there.

maybe if we are lucky they will do a DLC or something and let us play a prequel with johnny and see how the mighty have fallen so to speak. i was excited to hear he was going to be in GTA 5 but then he is snuffed out jus tas quick as he is introduced and it really was a let down. it also goes to show how rockstar can write good story and get people attached to a character so heavily.

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oh yea i had 1 more thing to ask if anyone can help. WHY is the garage always colored. is that by design or is it telling i need to go there and do something

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@cale: yea im far far from finished so its really irking me when i swap and see a 2or3 but only 1 missions icon on screen. like right now im in game and it says on michael a 1 indicating i have 1 mission. except there is NOTHING on the map anywhere beyond the standard icons for random stuff. the only thing colored is the garage icon

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So when you press the button to show who you can swap to it will have a number by each character to show how many missions are available to them. Im having a problem where it will say i have more than 1 but when i look at the map i only see one mission icon. Am i missing something or are certain activities being counted in this. i wouldnt think so since there are so many of them on the map already.

also some ppl are talking about missions that can be started with either michael or franklin, how do you know when this is the case. as far as i can tell all missions are color coded to a specific character so how do you tell when it is a mission that can be started by more than one person. an example is the mission where michael goes after the tennis coach and franklin shows up. i read some people saying they started it as franklin and missed the beginning. im pretty sure that mission is color coded for michael so im confused.

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The greatest Duder to ever live, We will miss you so much Ryan, thank you for being so awesome and bringing so much to the world.

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who the hell is totalbiscuit

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you should at least take part in a free trial and see if you like it. im not a huge MMO person but i have played 2-3 of them and enjoy the PVE experience and the rich storylines. I found TOR to be very fun and FULL of lore and awesomeness. There is no auto attack so that makes the game feel more action oriented to me. i even like the animations and the attacks. during lightsaber battles it feels like the movements match up very well. you see parry and blocks happen often and deflect blaster bolts and all that.

play a trial before you rule it out completely. i think you might be surprised

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i dont get the hate with origin. I have been using it since the BF3 ALPHA started way back in august of 2011. I havent had a single problem with it outside of the sporadic downtimes that occur with ALL services at some point or another.

in fact i sometimes prefer origin over steam, but i run them both and am completely satisfied.