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batalskar i sent you a PM. im looking for a trial offer if anyone would be so kind. I played in the weekend trial and i really like the game and want to buy but cant afford for a few more weeks. So im jonesing to start a new account and play another trial to try the other classes out. I did Jedi Knight/sentinel and Sith Warrior/juggernaut. im hoping to try out bounty hunter and smuggler

EDIT, i have a trial now so thank you to everyone

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If i dont intend to sue them then what is the point in sending them a letter telling them that? if i dont intend to use the right to sue then why should i care to even keep the right? it seems like a waste of time . the average user this doesnt really matter, if you were already planning to sue then it affects you and thats it

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awesome... how much trade in value does it have?

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Beating shao kahn with liu kang was easy it took 2 tries and beat him by doing the low fire ball over and over since kang ducks low enuff for shao kahns stuff to go over him.

much harder with raiden as he doesnt duck as low and you have to jump over the hammer.  took me 4 hours of teleporting and then doing kicks then torpedo over and over

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Forgot to mention: Everyone is also allowed to participate in 2 weight classes at once. You can only do 1 if you want but the option to compete in 2 is there.

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UOC has been redesigned with a new site and new system for EA MMA competition. is up wit ha new automated system that streamlines everything from the sign up process to the way  results are reported and everything else in-between.  
You can use career created fighters or insta-created fighters to compete, but there is a stat cap and rules in place to ensure fair play and no overpowered fighters.  
So what are you waiting for come join the best and test your might!!!


Create A Fighters

We believe in fairness at UndisputedOnline and are always on the lookout for new glitches/bugs etc. Due to these unlawful circumstances caps are to be placed on your fighters to keep the winner being declared by skill rather then who can exploit better.

We are allowing five stats to be placed amongst the difference categories.

Standup is to be set to 70 for Lightweight to Middleweight fighters. Light Heavy and Heavyweight fighters are allowed 75.

Besides this you can use 85 80 65 and 55 amongst the remaining categories.

Example Lightweight - Middleweight Build:
Stand Up: 70
Clinch: 65
Ground: 80
Subs: 55
Health: 85

If you use a "juiced" CAF in an UOC event the fighter with legit stats will get to choose if they want to rematch you with a legit CAF or they can take a DQ win with no rematch
In regards to Hook Spam we will be policing it. No more than 3 Hooks can be thrown in a row in a row. Mix things ups. If you think someone used hook spam against you send a video to a staff member and we´ll look over it.
Re-occurrences will have significant punishments.

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@eezo said:
" The fact of the matter is that a "c4 rush" has allways been in the battlefield series... all the way back to 1942 you could put TNT in ur jeep and run it into tanks and shit... it was legit back then and it's legit now.. sure it's annoying when it happens to you, but like people have said, defend better or just stop playing the game all together. My main problem with BC2 is that there are more Wookies than humans and it's really boring tbh  edit: Wookies = snipers (for the guys who didn't understand that) "
yes you are 100% correct. thats the problem with majority of console gamers is that they dont understand how to play a game like this correctly when it comes to indepth objectives that require real teamwork and cooperation. instead we end up with a 12 man team consisting of 10 snipers and 2 medics. they really should put a limit on how many people can be a certain class type.
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@jakob187 said:

" You are still able to bomb the boxes.  Why?  Because C4...would blow up that box.  It's not rocket science.  It's explosives. 
If you seriously can't defend people from getting to the box and blowing it up with C4 or other explosives, then seriously, you need to up your D as a player and a team. 
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" Its been in the game since the first battlefield game, ive played them all, if you dont like it then go play modern noobfare where you can sit in the corner and have a robot get all your kills for you.   LEARN HOW TO PLAY BATTLEFIELD YOU SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!! "
It's been in there since the first Battlefield game, eh?  Rush Mode, and the subsequent boxes that we're talking about in this thread, were introduced in Bad Company.  Your continued embarrassment and lack of knowledge can be found outside of the door over this way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "
your not very smart are you. read my previous post and then go put your hooked on phonics tape back in so you can brush up on your comprehension skills.
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" @Spoonman671 said:

" @stealthdf2 said:
" Its been in the game since the first battlefield game, ive played them all, if you dont like it then go play modern noobfare where you can sit in the corner and have a robot get all your kills for you.   LEARN HOW TO PLAY BATTLEFIELD YOU SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!! "
That's odd since Rush mode wasn't introduced until Bad Company.  If that's what you consider the "first battlefield game" then you don't have any business calling other people noobs.  Nevermind the fact that only hardcore tools use the term "noob" without a hint of irony. "
 i never called anyone a noob, i called modern warfare  nooby compared to battlefield.  Suicide bombing has been a part of battlefield since the beginning. whether against an objective or an enemy it has always been part of the game. "
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@Infininja: I dont think they are factoring in the explosives upgrade that cause more damage to be done resulting in 12 c4 needed to blow an mcom. So a 2 man squad with 6 c4 each can blow an mcom in one run. or thats how it used to be at least
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 Yes but there are many ways to accomplish the goal. its a bit more involved than team death match or domination gametypes. The vehicles add a whole new layer to the depth of the game. esp when real people are controlling them instead of just activating them and the cpu running the show.
 Console gamers have a harder time dealing with indepth objective based games, which is why 9 times out of 10 in BC2 you end up with a defending team made up of 10 snipers and 2 medics.