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@nethanel:  ok well maybe they couldnt in the demo and i just havent tried in the full version, but in the demo when i was in an apache i couldnt spot people even if i saw them. then i got in the gunner seat and was able to spot people with ease. Ill give it a shot later tonight, thanks
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they probably do have their own datacentre, but even those need upgrading every now and then
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the drivers of vehicles cannot spot enemies, only passenger.s like in the apache only the gunner can spot people.
and i think that when someone is really really far away from you it doesn't show the indicator above them but it will show it on the map since the map theoretically cover more area.

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sometimes when your team spots people it doesn't give you the audio that goes with it. 
take the spotting scope for instance... 
the triangle pops up no matter who spots them, squad or non squad doesn't matter. 
my question is whats the point of spotting people in hardcore mode? there is no map and there are no triangles on enemies when they are spotted so i really don't even see the need to spot in hardcore or a need for the UAV if the pilot isn't good at taking people out with it.

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the games been out for only a week, give them time. if you guys knew the problems that BF2 had on PC when it was released you would be tanking EA for the problems you are having now.
when you start a game and it says you are level 1 thats just an error, you haven't lost any rank or anything. I mean i have been in a game for 20 minutes and seen my rank go from 20 to 1 and back to 20...but guess what i didn't care cause it doesn't actually effect anything at all. get over it and be patient. 

BF2 was Impossible to get in a game and then you got disconnected and the main menu was so choppy it would freeze up every 2 seconds and it took minutes just to move the mouse cursor across the screen.  if you tried to do a server browser refresh it would freeze and just sit there FOREVER.
they are going to have all this fixed soon just be patient. if you don't get used to online games having issues soon then you are never going to be happy with any game you ever get. 
You have to expect a game like MW2 or BFBC2 to have issues when there are so many people trying to play at once. servers must be adjusted for the load and tweaked for performance. 
i would rather have all these problems with BFBC2 than have even one of the problems MW2 has.
after typing all that i just found this

Tomorrow, 12th March, and Saturday, 13th March at 8:00GMT/9:00 CET:12:00 (midnight) PST, EA will take the servers down, this time we will come up with even more hardware with more capacity to handle all the BFBC2 traffic. Once the maintenance is complete you will experience an improvement to your online experience.


This will be extended maintenance to allow the new hardware to be installed and affect all three platforms (PC, PS3 and Xbox 360).


Since launch a week ago, BFBC2 has already put EA servers through the following stress:

  • The 4 different soldier types have gathered a score of more than 34 Billion.
  • There's been more than 400M kills made.
  • 1.3M roadkills
  • Squads and Teams have assisted each other to 6.2 Billion points.


Now we are adding more capacity to let you smash those numbers multiple times over in the weeks to come.

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was 1.60 but now im a 1.12 after playing for a week

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i got it on 360, i made a new EA account and then linked it to my GT then i went to the BF veteran site and i added my BF2 account via soldier name and password then i added each expansion the same way then added Bad company 1by entering my GT then the next time i went on BC2 it gave me the M1. however in the BF vet site it still does not list BC2 on my list 
this got me from non veteran status to vet rank 3 in about 10 minutes

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would you rather them just keep you in the dark? like say IW or Activision.

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M2 CG is best. it reloads fast it has high velocity to get to the target quick. i took out 3 blackhawks in a rows using it

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I would love to see Karkand from BF2 on PC make an appearance on BC2
Ive been playing Battlefield since 1942 as well, one of the best series of games ever invented!
And you can defend Arica Harbor. It takes good squads all supporting eachother to hold back the tanks. make use of mines and rockets with engineers and artillery from snipers and it isnt a problem. Just dont get distracted from watching the lone soldiers trying to sneak in on foot while everyone is focused on tanks.