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excitement turns to sadness when i saw only for the wii!!
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The game is rated Mature so kids shouldnt be playing and if they are its the parents fault.  
if i let my kid watch howh high everyday and nothing but stoner movies and then he thinks weed is cool it isnt the fault of the movie maker its my fault as a parent.  
People need to know what their kids are doing and not just think its a game so its ok for them

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something like 7 not home now so cant check but its getting close to 8 days i think. 2 people on my list have higher time than that
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if you dont like camping at all. like even for 5 seconds then maybe you should try quake or unreal, its probably way more your style if all you do is run around at full speed screaming shoot me

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i think its funny that people say more glitches will come up eventually....DUH its software aka there will always be glitches somewhere esp when you have groups of people dedicated to nothing but finding these so they can have their own vid on utube claiming it to the world like it will make them FAMAS (see what i did there) LAWLS!!!!
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that and the private match glitch that has been happening on rust
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  •    From fourzerotwo's twitter    

    Alright, just got word the #MW2 Xbox 360 patch should start going live at 2 AM. You can now remove my face from your dartboards... for now. 34 minutes ago from web   

  • Im guessing he means 2 am eastern. Or im hoping he is cause if he means PST then thats like what 4 or 5 am EST?

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    what versions of windows are you and your friend using. that could have something to do with it
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    they may have dpne that to prevent people from loading trainers/cheats after the game has been loaded/started
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    i didnt think MW2 invented the wheel till i read this thread. Now am i not only convinced that MW2 gave birth to the wheel but they totally had a hand in the spawning of the square as well and possibly even every single geometrical shape in the universe.... THANKS OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!