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They showed what most of an Uncharted game is. They showed realistic gameplay, not a huge set piece. I appreciated seeing normal gameplay rather that one of the biggest moments of the game.

One of the problems Uncharted 3 had was that they showed most of the biggest moments. I hope they don't do that again.

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I'm just disappointed that the intro movie wasn't in 3D. If that was my only complaint so far, then I think I have an amazing game in my hands.

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I plan on playing both sides, so I picked P3 first.

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It may not be the best film in the series, but it's a hell of a lot better than Origins.

I did like this line quite a bit though:

"Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you will ever know."

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The X-Files: Fight the Future 4/5

Haven't seen it since I was a kid, but recently my partner and I have been re-watching The X-Files. Having just finished season 5 it seemed logical to watch the movie before venturing into the 6th season, and this movie holds up remarkably well!

It's sad to know that the complete series is on Netflix streaming, and yet the movies isn't.

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Tremors 3: Back to Perfection 4/5

I really love the Tremors movies.

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@sccdemir said:

@stealthmaster86: How about a content patch then?

That is another thing that could do and it would still be fine. I believe a while back ago they said that a gamer is more likely to keep the game after around 2 months of buying it. I think Free DLC is fantastic, and the more I think about it, the more I believe that this is a way to make sure no one trades in the game. Hell, I wasn't planning on doing that anyway, unless the game is a MASSIVE disappointment.

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@sccdemir said:

@stealthmaster86: Then why even bother seperating that from the free game. The only reason I can come up with it because then you can't call that ''Free DLC''. It's not free at all, you paid for that already.

They have been pretty generous with their content which, don't get me wrong, I appreciate but people hold CDPR to high regard when they give out free stuff and make EA or Ubisoft out to be the worst company ever when they ask money for their product. One of the top comments in the reddit thread about how CDPR is filled with genuinely good people and how they care about the gamers and some other bullshit. Typical gamer, holding people and various entities to either extreme highs or extreme lows with no level in between.

To get the Free DLC stuff into the game, they would need to delay the game. They have said that as they are polishing the game, a small group is working on the free DLC. And that DLC won't be on the disk.

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@sccdemir said:

@spitz1000: No they are not. But they know people like free shit and playing exactly the right cards to appeal to that audience. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but people seem to have this idea that it's bad for companies to want money for their products. Just because they give out free DLC does not make them a good company. It just makes people like them more and end up fanning the flames of the ''DAE EA'' circlejerk.

Some DLC should be free to begin with. If they release a massive DLC pack that, let us just say 5 brand new lengthy quests, then I don't expect it to be free. If they are releasing one weapon, then that should be free.

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@obikwiet said:

That's cool and all but I'm not sure what the point is. Why not just include that stuff in the game if it is just weapons and cosmetic stuff?

"The fact that we are announcing the DLC before launch does not mean it is ready at this moment in time. As you probably know, we are currently focused on polishing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This means that most of the teams are involved in finalizing development and optimizing the game. However, some of the teams are free to start working on additional content that can be released after we launch the game. This is the case here. DLC will not be present on disc."

This is what they said on the matter.