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Can't you be a lady in Persona 3, now?

In Persona 3 Portable for the PSP.

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I bought the original version along side the Season Pass. I'm I going to buy this again? Yep, in fact, If I have enough, I might pre-order it after Watch Dogs.

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20 to 30 minutes on average. My fastest time was 10 minutes, but that was because I was killing everyone I saw.

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Anything that can play games. I don't have a powerful computer, but it can play some of the older games like Half Life. I got a PlayStation 3 while hoping to get a PlayStation 4 by the end of the month. If I was super rich, I would get a PlayStation 4, Wii-U, Xbox One, and a powerful top of the line PC for gaming.

If I have to choose, it would be consoles. I grew up with consoles, but I'll play a PC game if I can.

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Remember Me: After the first cutscene ended, the one with the faux commercial, I was on board. Unfortunately, the combat leaves MUCH to be desired. There is a good game in there somewhere, but its convoluted combat just made me disappointed. I really do hope they make a sequel and make the combat better. The rewind memories stuff, I only tried one of them, was amazing.

Dragon's Dogma: Another game that had huge potential. The main problem for this game, for me, was that the combat and the difficulty don't match. It tried to be like Dark Souls without the strategic combat. All you do is swing your sword until you or it dies. There is a block, but it feels half assed.

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Dragon Ball Z

Batman Forever 2

Jackie Chan's Milk Stunt Expo

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12.31 D, 1.96 U

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I noticed! I did!

Every one of these are classics. I would have to say that this is my most favorite one. What makes this great is that they all play off each other incredibly well.

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You're starting too big. You have to find the smaller websites first to see if they want you as a temporary freelancer. It took several smaller websites just for me to find one that would "hire" me. I still did all the work for free. But the risk of going to a smaller website is that one day it won't be there no more. A couple of years ago I used to write for a website called RespawnXReload. I wrote several reviews and covered events from home. One of the final events I covered was E3 2012. I worked hard on writing about all the games I can about E3 alone. It took all day and it was hard work. While I didn't mind that, the thing that hurt the most was that most of my articles never went online and RespawnXReload had cease to be. The worst thing about that is I lost most of my work. So, when you write something, be sure to have a backup of what ever it is your writing.

There will be bumps, there will be fallbacks, and sometimes it feels like you are about to give up. Just don't give up. Start small and work your way up from there.

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I don't always agree with him, but I respected him. I've been following Sessler for over ten years. I hope the best for him.