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Quite a bit, but MY GOD the music in Persona is overpowering everything right now.

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In a recent Story Piece, Shigenori Soejima, has said that news on Persona 5 is coming "pretty soon."

My guess is TGS, but they could show off a new teaser trailer to get people hyped for what they could show on TGS.

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When I pick as a female character, it's because I think it works best that way for the game. Destiny, Mass Effect, and Saints Row comes to mind.

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A bit of Brad because everyone I've ever met for the first time thinks I'm British. Mostly Patrick because of our love of LOST and Jurassic Park.

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Just got one a few days ago in a Target sale. FC is 3239-4737-6303 and the name is PixelBlink

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I always find myself watching JonTron, PeanutButterGamer, some AngryJoe, Achievement Hunter, but my most favorite ones are The Completionist and ProJared. I REALLY need to get back to watching Extra Credits.

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I mostly play on normal, but sometimes I play on easy. If I played a game enough times, I try my hand on Hard. The last game I played on Hard mode was BioShock: Infinite. Game was fantastic on hard, until the final act.

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For a game that came out this year: South Park: The Stick Of Truth

For a game that didn't come you this year: Persona 4

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A year after his death, I'm still sadden by it.

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@solh0und said:

If Michelle Ruff doesn't reprise her role as Yukari, I would be hugely disappointed at this game...

Again, Nich Maragos confirmed that the VA replacements that are now known should be the only ones. Specifically regarding Yukari, Michelle Ruff is reprising her role for future Persona products:

Same with Vic Mignogna who is reprising his role as Junpei Iori and Mona Marshall who is reprising her role as Ken Amada. The only Persona 3 related P3 replacement is Theodore's.

Does this mean that they are dubbing the Persona 3 movies?