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@alexl86: They could just do the Horde of the Dragon Queen campaign which has everything you need without the Monster Manual or DM Guide. It's pretty awesome and would make it real easy for whoever DM'd. I'm a big fan of 5th edition myself.

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@elwoodan said:

I would totally play a tamagachi style game thing on a watch.

My chao is ready.

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That promo art is amazing, but where's Jeff?! He is Dr. Tracksuit's manager, after all.

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I've seen a lot of Kurosawa and this might be a boring answer, but I got way into Seven Samurai. I love all of them with the possible exception of The Hidden Fortress.

Also, Toshiro Mifune is the manliest dude of all time.

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I also prefer the PS1 translation better, but War of the Lions is still REAL good. I think it might also be available on iPad.

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@party said:

It was more interesting when Jeff wasn't dominating every match.

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So many people are falling! You must be strong!!

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159. Oh man that number seems too big.

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Has anyone else had problems with it erroring out when trying to trade? I bred two Chespins and Squirtles and went to get the other starters with them. And it took several tries to get working trades. Sometimes it would say that Pokemon has already been traded, which wasn't too big of a deal except when a person would keep coming up in searches. The worst though was when you'd go to trade and it would just say "Communication error, turn off the power" and then you couldn't do anything. Overall I'm impressed that the server backend stuff isn't on fire and worked at launch considering industry trends, and I'm sure it'll sort itself out, but still kind of an annoying experience so far.

I've had this issue as well. If you turn off the filter to search for pokemon you have, it should work fine. I turn on the filter to see if I can trade anything, turn it off after and it goes through no problem.