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Man, both Spelunky and Dust are both really good! I probably have to give the edge to Dust though. I am really having a good time playing through the story. It has a lot of charm to it. The combat is fluid as hell too.

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It's good to see Jim Sterling's piece mentioned here. He seems to get a bunch of shit for what he says but it always seems that whatever he has to say makes a lot of sense. He often has a lot interesting things to say

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PSN: nicktorious_BIG

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Games: Nothing yet but I will be in that Destiny beta

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@steelerzfan101: They probably did all the judging at critics week before E3. Nintendo doesn't do critics week.

There should be an E3 Game's Critic Awards where the games judge the critics.

Oohh I like that idea. That would be a game changer

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I am kinda surprised by the extreme lack of Wii U titles. But I guess a lot of their good stuff is still in the conceptual/non-playable phase of development. (i.e. Legend of Zelda)

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Dammit I wish South Park would be discounted more than just 33%. But that's probably as low as it will go considering it's still kinda new.

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Oh damn Papers Please is only 3 bucks. I now have no excuse...

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Geez I really liked that Phil Fish video. I have to say that I almost agreed with every single point given in that video. What can I say, the guy's intriguing.

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Has anybody played Game Dev Tycoon? It seems to have gone on sale for like 4 bucks. Is it worth the money? (For 4 bucks it probably doesn't even matter) The premise seems interesting but is it worth my time?

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I would love to see South Park Stick of Truth get marked down at least a little bit. That is honestly one of the few games that I have been needing to get.