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It's cool that they're branching out, but at the same time I don't really see the need for another one. I'd rather there be 2 really good shows than 3 average ones. And by that, I mean the amount of publishers/developers that go and show stuff.

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Reviewing online-only games before they even release is a big no-no. I will be interested to see if any of those sites that have already uploaded their reviews upload an article or something later about their online experiences. I kinda feel like Titanfall is going to catch on fire once everybody hits the servers...

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Good work. I will be getting some use out of this!

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Let's see, I'd probably wouldn't mind seeing some classic old-style adventure games getting the HD treatment. I started to play Beneath a Steel Sky the other day and that game would be pretty cool to see in an HD format with up-res visuals.

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Nice job there. I am liking that lamp....

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@darji: Yeah I guess that would make sense.

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I think it was said on the Bombcast (I forget who said it exactly), but Nintendo releasing their games on either Microsofts platforms or Sony's would be just plain crazy! I couldn't imagine Nintendo actually going though with that. Only in dire situations I guess...

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It depends on the game I guess, but most of the time it just really slows down the pace of any game.

If I make it to the edge of the screen, I shouldn't have to wait for the game to catch up with me...

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I actually just watched the first Transformers last night. I'd give it a solid 8/10. It was cheesy and it fell through at certain parts...but overall it's not a bad movie and the action is pretty enjoyable to watch!

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This always makes me wonder how a broken game like Battlefield 4 passed debugging and Q&A without any problems. That seems crazy to me!

At least their doing their best to fix it.

It probably didn't. They just wanted to get it out before CoD.

You know what, I forgot about that. Your probably right.

Still, I think they would have been just fine if they spent a little more time on it.