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Yeah, I only see Marie on XBL....I want Adachi, dammit!

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Sorry for your loss, Jeff. My condolences to you and your family. Thank you for the wonderful community you've helped cultivate. You have always been a source of inspiration to me, and your craft is second-to-none. I'm currently writing up my bachelor's thesis on Persona 4, and I made sure to give you guys a prominent place in the Acknowledgements section. (I'd happily send it to you once it's finished, if you'd like.)

Anyway, stay strong. And thanks again.

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I'd be willing to bet the reason there's been no status change for those of us who applied for Sr. Editor is that they're ALL gonna get passed to the GB crew (or at least the vast majority). That way they can sort out for themselves who works and who doesn't.

Then again, that'd be a bit time-consuming, so...

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I'm throwing a bit of a Hail Mary on this one -- I'm going to be graduating from college in December through independent study, and I've had extensive experience through my school newspaper (which is one of the AP's best college newspapers), along with a bunch of honors, presentations, and a senior thesis all related to video games.

To me, just completing this thing is an achievement in itself.

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@fcdrandy said:

@rorie: Any idea how long the postings will be up? I'm gathering things to submit but probably won't have it all in place until Friday.

Same here!

Also, I'm addressing the cover letter to Jeff, since he IS the EIC. That's cool, right?

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@rorie: I've got some student films I was in (as well as a few other miscellaneous videos I've been in), but can I also record a sort of "demo podcast?" I've done some podcasting in the past, but I wanted to record a short "reel" that's more up-to-date.

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@peritus said:

@angrighandi said:

Nintendo's hand inches ever-so-slightly closer to the "break glass in case of emergency" box with the Pokemon MMO inside.

Sold. On board. Sign me up. Lets do this!

Hell yes! That, and the Animal Crossing game with the kind of online you ACTUALLY want. (Personally, I sorta like the current format with regard to single player stuff, but the online in New Leaf is TRASH.)

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I signed up to be on the waiting list - my trainer name's Tom, and my friend code is 3222-6101-2935.

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Here's the best image tribute I could come up with. Rest in peace, champ. You were an inspiration to us all.

Keep it 'Hood up in Heaven, Ryan Taswell Nachoboss Davis. Stay Narcin'.

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Pouring one out, chugging some whiskey for the man (seemed like the only alcohol appropriate). Rest in peace, RTD. Here's to you, man.