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@itwongo: Shenmue is still very enjoyable. I played though the first game two years ago and Shenmue II last year. Both games require a bit of patience. You'll probably spend two years playing before you really get into the game.
There is no way to progress time in the first game except for waiting in front of your TV (I spent the time in an arcade within the game whenever I had to). This was probably the most annoying aspect of it. Other than that it is very playable and well worth the investment of time and money. It still looks great (via VGA on Dreamcast or component on Xbox) and the soundtrack hasn't aged a day. You'll find that many concepts of within the game made it to other games you've played through the years following Shenmue's release.

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God damn it Patrick! I can't even remember the last time I cried, but what kind of animal can read through your Goodbye without tearing up.
Yesterday I quoted you in my final thesis for my university degree, and was really happy about it (Unfortunately it's written in German). I have high expectations of you, and I am hoping, that I will see and hear more of you soon. I had a bunch of ideas about what I would like to see covered by you that I wanted to pitch you - hopefully I still get the chance. Will you still be checking in on the messages that you receive via Giantbomb?
In any case I wish you all the best for you and your family!

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I'll be there on Wednesday, Aug 21st. Of cause I'll be wearing a giantbomb shirt, "Lincoln Force" or "I am a Wizard" most likely ;-) My brother and girlfriend will be with me, my brother traveling from Hamburg and my girlfriend and I from Kassel.

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Hey folks,

I am studying English and philosophy to become a teacher, and this semester I managed to convince two of my lecturers to let me write term papers about Heavy Rain. Usually my lecturers are more conservative and don't see the appeal of working on video games.

Anyway, the first paper that I am writing is about crime displayed in the game - we read some crime stories during the winter. The other one is about the noir style of the game, as I had a film noir seminar this semester.

My question to you is whether or not you remember cool articles or interviews about Heavy Rain, game noire or other related topics. I don't want you to do my work, but if you have read anything memorable, it would be cool if you could post it here. I already found a bunch of David Cage interviews which are quite interesting.

In addition I would like to ask if you have ever written a term paper about video games. To me it's fairly uncommon and I know of anyone who's studying with me who wrote one.

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words fail me...oh my god

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I am with Alex. The PS Vita is way better than I expected. I bought a DS and PSP when they were released but the mobile gaming experience with the Vita is much more enjoyable for me. I expected to buy the system and play with it for a couple of days, weeks at best, but I already played a few hundred hours, and I am still enthusiastic. Maybe its the better grip, the 2nd analog stick the way psn integrates in the system or whatever, I really like the device. So I am really hoping for new game announcements during E3.

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@Milkman: depends, in Germany we already celebrate on Dez 24th for example

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@Stefan: Are you able to get any screen output from the PS3? Have you tried doing the factory default system reset?

Yes, component and s-video works perfectly fine. 
@BlackLagoon said:

Try having the console turned off, then holding down the power button until you hear a few beeps. It will reset the video settings and often fix problems like this.

I tried that several times but it doesn't seem to work - well it resets my settings but it doesn't enable HDMI :-(@Aetheldod said:

Perhaps the resolution in the PS3 is set to other settings and unlike the xbox the PS3 does not auto corrects itself , I dunno how to correct it tho without being able to see the menus etc.

I tried all selectable resolution, no luck 
Thanks for your support so far, I'll keep you posted on whether I can manage to find a solution.
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Hey Bombers, 
A couple of days ago I started up my Playstation 3 for the first time in ages. It used to be hooked up to my Philips TV via HDMI which worked fine. 
As I just said, I haven't played with it for the past two years - that's because the HDD seems to have been faulty and I had to replace it. But even before I installed the new HDD the video signal didn't work anymore via HDMI, only regular component. I thought I should take care of the problem once I have finished installing the HDD, updating the system, adjusting settings... However, no matter what I tried I couldn't seem to get HDMI working again. 
Then I remembered that I had tried to hook the PS3 up to a PC monitor a few months ago using the HDMI cable and a HDMI to DVI adapter. I figured that this might have caused the HDMI port to break (I have no clue about electronics so this was only some wild guess) - at least since then I can't play via HDMI anymore, I think. 
Anyway, now I have bought a YUV component cable to play in HD again, no matter whether the HDMI port is broken or not, and hooked it up to my Atlona scaler which I use for older consoles (in order to get rid of any noise). But no matter what resolution I try, I can't get the cable to work with my PS3, only with my PS2 (the box it came in indicated that it should work with both systems).   
Of cause I tried out different HDMI cables, checked whether the TV port was working, tried hooking the PS3 up to a different screen etc... 
Now I am at a total loss and don't know where to go from here. I was hoping that you guys might be able to give me a hint or two as to what's wrong  with my PS3 which only accepts the component or a s-video cable. Thanks in advance, keep the bombs rolling!