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1. get a ssd, if you don't have one, 2. skip all the shard collecting and landmark placing, 3. enjoy the game 0

I just finished DA:I. I enjoyed the dialogues which are superb, skill trees and fighting, However, the end is so forced and the last two missions in the game take about 10 minutes. You never find out the true motives of the villain and everything feels unnaturally quickly wrapped up. In addition you spend the whole game gathering allies and resources for you fight against the main villain, but you never really need any of this. I ran into several technical issues. I played the game across four d...

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A Gem In Gaming History 0

Even today I can remember how I played Drakan for the first time: I had a demo version of the game which  included the second level of it and I played it over and over again until I finally got the complete game for my birthday.  By then I was quite familiar with the mechanics and used to the beautiful graphics which were quite good for  1999s standards. The story, however, which involved the young woman Rynn and her quest to liberate her little  brother from the evil war mage Navros with the he...

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By Far The Best SNES RPG There Is 0

I was fortunate enough to play Terranigma back in the day when it was first released in Europe for the SNES in 1996. At that point I had already played the remarkable SNES adaption of the NES classic Zelda and later on played through Seceret of Mana and Secret of Evermore but what I got when I first fired up my console to play Terranigma was more than unexpected. Terranigma starts off in a small village named Crysta which is located somewhere beneath the surface in some kind of shadow world. At ...

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