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if you watch more of parkourdude91's videos you'd realize he's just playing a character and this video is no different

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I had trouble falling asleep because I could not stop doing block puzzles in my head after playing way too much Catherine.

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I was playing along, staying just ahead of Drew like you, but I found myself enjoying the videos way more than the actual game so I almost decided to quit. What got me into playing it again was actually watching Drew go to Strut F instead of B, and getting the M9 early. I suck at sneaking so the M9 was a necessity for me and I enjoyed the game a lot more after that. I ended up not wanting to stop playing and beat it in two days. Now I can't wait for Drew's reactions to the story in this wonderful game.

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This blew me away back in 2007

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Reminder guys:

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Everything in this thread is garbage. Watch K-ON!

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Love Plus is a japanese dating sim. I can understand the confusion though.

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Are there any story ties between Chaos;Head and this? I wanted to play Chaos;Head but couldn't get it working, so is it okay to skip it?

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I played the PSP game last year and absolutely loved it. I really hope it does well so they'll localize the sequel.