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I haven't actually fired it up yet, need a new hard drive. Just wondering if it would work on here. Thanks!

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Ok so I just dug out an old Ibook that I had in a spare room and am wondering if it can run giant bomb vids?  

Processor Type:PowerPC G4
Product Family:iBookProcessor Speed (per Core):1.33 GHz
Screen Size:12 inchesProcessor Configuration:Single Core
Operating System:Mac OS X 10.5, LeopardMemory (RAM):1 GB
Primary Drive:CD-RW/DVD ComboHard Drive Capacity:40 GB
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 I couldn't, think if had a kid with it. Might be awkward explanations of what mommy "did" if the kid got curious on the internet.

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Hey guys! I'm looking at buying a good, highish end laptop to replace my current pos... I am wondering what I should get Pc or Mac, and also what brands/kinds are best. 
P.s. Im not a pc gamer so games dont matter to me, also steam would now have me covered with the mac.

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I want to like it and play it, but it pisses me off too much

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I think the question that needs to be answered is how is a hot bowl of dicks made/prepared?

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Only if I can't find it in store or online new. Also it needs to be helluh old.

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65 installs 
5 gb of other stuff

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@Tebbit:  At first I was thinking they went cheap on the disc cover. Then I wanted to read the manual and I found printer paper covering and regular paper inside. 
Really was fucked up.
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