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They were completely obsolete in part 1.

Telling you how the individual strumming patterns should be executed is one key to be able to play a song.

I really hope they do that in this version.

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Well, I need the US Version of the Warhammer Dawn of War 1 complete pack, or all the separate titles as a Steam gift.
Since I live in germany where the US Version is not buyable, and the reatil keys can not be registered via Steam (I own the english DVD Versions of DoW and addons) the only way is via gifting service from the US or maybe UK (should be the same as the US Version).

I pay the full price plus a transaction bonus to whoever can do me that favor.

The exchange should go via paypal.

Steam and paypal name plus details via PM.

Thanks in advance for helping a gamer in need. :)

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I experienced this in Far Cry 2 and now in FC 3 / Blood Dragon. The shooting sounds are very loud while the enviroment like car driving noise and movement sounds are pretty low. Anyone else noticed this?

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@mtcantor said:

Its more recent than that, but could it have been Firefall?

That's it. Man, thanks. So it was more recent than I thought.


Legendary seems also interesting to check out.

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so it was somwhere like 3-4 years ago. I watched a video on giantbomb or gamespot (can't remember exactly) about this specific game.

I beleive it was a preview. So the game itself was a mixture between a RTS and 3rd person action game.

You operated in groups (flying solo was also possible) on a vast alien planet. The planet itself was mostly in brown colors and the build stuff

like extractors, turrets and other base related buildings and tech could be dropped right out of the sky (orbital drop) like it's in Warhammer 40k / Dawn of war.

Aliens looked like bugs and were shooting green slime balls, of course there also were bigger ones.

The graphic was similar to World of Warcraft but with more detail and when I remember correctly the characters had black outlines like it is in comics / they were drawn.

Further in the video there was a fight between Aliens and humans / marines in a very big city in the middle of a brown rock like enviroment, turret mounting included.

So it's kinda strange cause it looked like a big title and yet I never seen anything about it again.

Anyone who remembers this game and can tell me the name of it?

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@artgarcrunkle said:

Another gritty modern military corridor shooter.

Add railroad gameplay to it. Man just after the intro. Helicopters that take 1000 bullets from a chaingun with unlimited ammo, and you're glued to that thing.

What's wrong with game design these days!?

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After Shattered Memories back to this?

Slaying creatures by boring combat mechanics, not a chance.

I really hoped for a more mature and story driven Silent Hill aka Shattered Memories with more content. This here doesn't really look like it fits the bill. A shame.

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@EuanDewar said:

I love the mercenary mode, I played shit loads of it in RE4.

However, I don't want to play this at all.

More content, good visuals in every situation and not just at first glance, constant frame rate and a up to date sound quality. But as it is, no.
I hope for a real Mercenaries stand alone game appereance on console though.
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Play CnC Generals with Shockwavemod, Rise of the Reds and Classic Generals Mod, never gets old, great community too.
The glow... the wonderful glow... can you not see it General!? :) 

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@EpicSteve said:

@pochunki said:

@EpicSteve: I don't know, I could really see myself casually playing a lot of it since it's a handheld game. Even though Brad and Vinny didn't seem too into it, the QL had me fairly excited.

@Abyssfull: I wouldn't be paying for it.

If that's your play style then, maybe. I don't really have any games I continuously go back to and casually play. Just make sure you read some more reviews. There are technical issues with that game that may or may not break your experience.

That's the point. Think of low quality sound samples, frame rate issues, clipping etc.
40 bucks aside, this was the main reason I didn't buy the game. I really enjoy R 4 / 5 Mercs myself but this version is just too low quality and too high priced.
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