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I should have put "Both equally". Oh well, other will have to suffice.

Yeah you should have.

I guess I do like Hitman more though, because there is nothing like it. The heights it hits are unlike any other game and are among gaming's most rewarding moments. Blood Money is fantastic.

However, Splinter Cell is no slouch. It also has had some amazing moments and I think Chaos Theory is a masterpiece.

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Really hope it's working. I have a lot of time to kill this weekend and I want to get this game but not if I can't play it.

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The silly thing about this kind of statement to me is that I bet Rockstar could not have pulled off the strange style of Max Payne 1 and 2. So they did what they could do well and good on them.

People act like they could have just taken up the Remedy style but that doesn't mean they could have done it correctly or as well. So they made the best game they can. That's how I look at it (as a huge Max Payne fan btw).

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Honestly... pussied out on most all of them. And the one I tried with we had a good thing for a while but she turned out to be pretty terrible. Funny how someone can be one way to your face and completely different when they aren't around you or are communicating through the distance of a phone.

So yeah, not going well. But hey, on to the next. I'm good with me and the rest will come with time.

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What, really?

I'm tempted to play it when my library picks it up. It'll probably be worth playing if it's free, right?...Right?

Libraries carry games???

Mine sure does! gets new released about a month late.

Crazy, I'm going to have to look into this.

Yeah that's something that happens. I think it's rather common.

Anyways, looking forward to a really bad Quick Look. Man, the movie looks AWFUL.

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Explain why you don't like spicy food. It's the absolute best. I make every meal spicy if I can.

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I come to Giant Bomb, and remain a subscriber for stuff like this. Giant Bomb is one of the only larger sites out there that still puts a lot of heart, and personality, into the things they post. Honestly, I wish there were more sites out there like this. I constantly love the videos, and articles you guys post, and thanks to you Patrick for giving me new things to read each week. Keep this article going!

Try RockPaperShotgun, the place from which Patrick more or less ripped off this feature (The Sunday Papers).

I thought it was due to Screened doing something similar and people wanted it on GB?

Yeah.. Rock Paper Shotgun is the only place anyone ever thought of an article to highlight other articles.

People are dense.

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I never knew you were an actor, Klepek.

This made me lol

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I am in the same place you are, dealing with depression. And it's almost cliche, but hearing it any time really does help man.

Penny Arcade guys helped me plenty. Honestly I haven't made the move you have to seek some help.... but every story gets me closer. I just have that same impulse to deal with it myself that you describe. Sometimes it works better than it does other times.

Thanks for writing this for yourself and others. Wish you the best of luck man.

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So is the point of the Red Dead article that you don't know what's true when someone else says it happened to them? I assume so because I just can't believe that actually happened to him when he was playing through the game (especially stuff like his character almost committing suicide). If it's real... well I like Red Dead even more somehow and I need to see footage.

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