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I think that's really the last thing they should do.  Their current lineup works very well together and are my favorite guys working in games journalism by far.  I would never want to see Giantbomb become like the old 1up was or anything.

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I really don't get why Square would put out a game with nearly the exact same title.  Anyways, I'm much more excited for Versus.  Here's hoping it delivers on the action and the darker tone.

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I really don't see the issue.  Obviously if someone doesn't want to play your game you're not doing something right, but there should be FAR more freedom to the consumer when they buy a video game.  Being able to jump through the game via a kind of chapter select is something that should be in games.  I know there are times I'd like to play only certain parts of games, or times I've hated parts of games and I don't see why I shouldn't be able to skip ahead on a game I purchased.