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So is there co-op in the game from the start or is the only option for co-op that New York Minute DLC? Cuz that really fuckin sucks if it's the latter

Maybe the co-op DLC will be free like it was in Red Dead? I would hope but yeah it's on that list and now that they are apparently in the "Season Pass" game, I guess not. That would be a good thing to bring people back later to the game so they should give it away.

I'm interested to try the multiplayer for this game but I rarely pay for DLC.

@Chtasm said:

Preordering DLC...oh my.

It makes sense in some business ways. You have to have faith in the content though. Max Payne multiplayer, even though apparently pretty good, is an unknown so it's crazy to pay for DLC up front right now. I think the poor quality of the Saints Row the Third DLC, which was on a season pass, is proof of how you can get screwed on that deal.

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They better be going far more sci-fi on this. Like drones better be the tip of the ice berg. If they go nuts watching that show Future Weapons I could find that pretty interesting I will say. Like it'd be awesome to have those air burst grenades to shoot into windows.

I say that for me, and maybe the other people who are burnt out. And maybe the game doesn't do AS well, but I bet it does really well anyways. Even if they are going to run CoD into the ground ala Guitar Hero, I think they aren't there yet with the majority of their audience.

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@TheSquarePear said:

Please talk about


Yeah I hope one of them saw it. That game does sound pretty amazing to me, I like the idea of a Deus Ex type game with all of these crazy magical powers. Plus it has swordplay like that last Might and Magic game Arkane did and that was one of the good parts of that game. The art and the world both are cool looking too.

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I just hope we all call it Oxloc. And I can play a clone of Mario on my ship computer while I'm mining some asteroid.

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I can't wait for another new tactical RPG. I love Kickstarter. I just hope it's not some kind of bubble.

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@Enigma777 said:

Man gamers can be so dumb sometimes... So dumb...


@darkdragonmage99 said:

@Allison: That's is why I hate the short memory and attention span of the internet It's not just one game it's over 10 years of systematically buying up developers and destroying them it's 5 years of taking it's consumer base for every dim it can without really providing any value. they treat their employees like dirt they treat their consumers with contempt and they treat their developers like disposable garbage.

EA is not the worst offender in any category though, and I think they have tried to do more new things and support independent developers more than other publishers have. I don't think they are great, they still have their issues, but there are worse publishers. And this is the worst of ALL COMPANIES in America. People's homes are more important than them shutting down old servers, sorry that's the truth.

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@Tearhead said:

"There' actually not dubstep in the game."

Well, this game is now dead to me.

I'm glad I know there is somewhere I don't have to hear it.

Excited for this game, but I want to see the assassin already. Seems like he'll be cool, love the katana.

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@Ley_Lines said:

According to CheapyD at Cheapassgamer he's a shitty boss who does little in the way of actual work. Considering he does have friends at grasshopper, I'm inclined to believe him. CheapyD talks about this in the last two podcasts. As for what I think of his games, interesting scenarios and stories but terrible gameplay.

I was going to mention this. It's tough to say, people don't always like their boss, but get a lot of credit when other people are doing work too. He sounds like he could be a douche from what was said by Cheapy. It is something to think how he always seems to have multiple projects going now. Is he spending that much time working on those different games? He's doing a lot of traveling and PR.

I've never found his games to be that good anyways, though I do appreciate some of what they are doing. None of them play well. I think that's important.

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@ShaggE said:

I never asked for this thread.


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@Moncole said:

I dont want a third one because EA made the Pandemic go bankrupt and it wouldn't feel right if Pandemic didnt make it.

The Pandemic games were pretty good, but really, someone could do a way better job with the idea. They never really capitalized on it, and ultimately the games were made at a point where they were simplistic in aspects. On the consoles few games got large scale multiplayer with vehicles right. It happened on PC for a while but I don't think Battlefront was up or even near the level of say the Battlefield series.

With another developer, or with more modern standards on consoles, we could get something much better. Pandemic could have made this new Battlefront game, but they hadn't made a really great one yet.

I liked most of what Pandemic did, but they were uneven and at the end kind of bad. Battlefront never evolved as it could have, Mercs was awesome but Mercs 2 (which seemed a lock to be at least pretty good) ended up being pretty bad and no where near as good as the first. Avalanche killed them at their own game with Just Cause 2. I liked the first Full Spectrum Warrior, but that they also didn't really capitalize on. I never played The Saboteur, but it seemed like a lot of their games do: it should be better. It seemed like they had great ideas.