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@TheHT said:

The way Ezio says Claudia is great. EY CLAOUWDEYA.

But I have to go with Sforza. Goddamn that woman can curse!

I almost chose her because of that.

I just found La Volpe pretty cool in Brotherhood though. I'm surprised everyone likes Da Vinci so much, not that he was bad or anything. I didn't care for how they handled Machiavelli.

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@Chavtheworld said:

@Stephen_Von_Cloud: Undead Nightmare was standalone? I thought you needed Red Dead to play it?!

Nope. I rented and played Red Dead on PS3, then bought Undead Nightmare on 360. You can just buy Undead Nightmare and play all that content and the multiplayer. I believe all of the multiplayer too not just the new zombie modes.

As I said it did very well for them too.

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@Chavtheworld said:

Not believing in the "standalone expansion" part.

It would make sense if it was to me. As written it sounds similar to Red Dead Redemptions Undead Nightmare, which was very successful as a ridiculous stand alone expansion. A shorter version of Saints Row with even crazier gameplay and humor would make sense. The running and jumping they mention makes it sounds like Crackdown, which would be AWESOME. Combing the two games best elements could be crazy.

Now, if this is fake, this is a TERRIBLE joke. First of all is the fact that Saints Row the Third's DLC has been terrible so far, so to tease people like this would be a slap in the face. But the biggest thing to me is that anything is believable in Saints Row now, so where is the joke here really? Other April Fools day jokes make sense because they add ridiculous humor that doesn't make sense. This would just be a stupid trick, not a joke.

That makes me guess that this is real, because it would be a great idea and because this type of common April Fools day gaming company joke wouldn't make sense with Saints Row. That might make this a marketing strategy, with the confusion creating some interest. That'd be smart too.

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@MysteriousBob said:

First person stealth is almost as awful as first person platforming. Just... no.

I'm glad Ion Storm and DICE said just yes instead. You just have to do it well.

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@Hailinel said:

Define "strong female lead" as a Rockstar character. I'm not sure that they have the capacity to write one, given the nature of their male GTA protagonists.

I disagree in that I consider Red Dead Redemption relevant to that discussion. Dan Houser wrote on both and then the other writers will be different, but since the game came from Rockstar I think it counts. Although you have to question Marston a bit in the plot of Red Dead because of how he allows himself to be used, overall he is a compelling and sympathetic main character I personally loved. As for women, I found Bonnie MacFarlane to be a great female character. At first I was worried her and John would just have a romantic relationship but I loved what their relationship became in that game.

I do think GTA IV had it's issues with characters, even if they were entertaining. The other games worked well enough but the main chracters weren't really compelling in their personal story. So I agree with you for the GTA series. I hope they improve with the lessons learned from Red Dead and maybe some of the other writing talent from that game addition to Houser.

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@ShaggE said:

Third person is preferable, but first person is great for that extreme paranoia feeling.

Yeah there is something to that. First person stealth was always kind of scary in a way that third person never was. Stepping out in the open, because you didn't have all that spacial awareness, became a big choice. I remember sitting in vents in Deus Ex just scoping out and readying myself to finally make a move.

It took some planning and if you got spotted it would be pretty startling in a way.

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I don't think I ever have. A lot of times this generation whatever games I would lack to play from the previous generation for some reason aren't backwards compatible anyways. I know this is the case with The Warriors and Def Jam Fight for NY, two of the only games I'd still like to play. I like beatin on dudes and that's been lacking this generation.

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@nintendoeats said:

Splinter Cell's perspective is the only one that gives you a good sense of how your body is situated within the environment, which is key to stealth. It also gives the best peripheral vision. It also lets you look around corners.

It is categorically better than the others.

I agree with this really, but I don't think first person stealth is bad. It's a bit harder but it has other advantages. I've enjoyed stealth in games like Thief and Deus Ex plenty.

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I also disagree with your whole list. I just hope V is better than IV was and I'm sure Rockstar will improve. Red Dead Redemption was incredible writing wise and I hope they carry that on.

Also, people who hate the driving in IV are just like the who say the horses in Red Dead don't control well: I couldn't disagree with them more.

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@Origina1Penguin said:

Now I want a comprehensive list of all video game samples in music.

Agreed that would be a very cool project. Some people have mentioned some others, but I feel like a lot of it would be underground (nothing wrong with that btw, just hard to keep up with underground Hip-Hop at this point) or in the "nerd music" scene, but either way that'd be cool to hear that stuff and I have to imagine this is something that will continue to happen in more popular or mainstream music.

@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG said:

I dont even know why Amber Rose is on this track.... She doesnt contribute to anything in this world other than arguably having a better ass than Kim Kardashian

I agree... but that ass.............