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I had it all lowered, just couldn't find annihilator. Found him now though.

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Half Life 2 is great on PC.

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Totally agree with you, and hated the ending in general.

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1. MGS4

2. Dark Souls

3. Braid

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E3 is done, over, finished, etc. So, like the rest of the free world, I deemed it appropriate to judge these brief glimpses at unfinished games and judge them totally by that little information. Oh yes, it's E3 awards time!

So I recorded a little podcast, for your pleasure, with some good friends of mine.

Would be great if you guys in the community at large could give it a listen, and would be even greater if some of you fine folk could join us for future endeavours. Even if that isn't your cup of tea, give the Critical Path Podcast a look. We've been going for a few episodes now, and are slowly growing and improving (constructive criticism and ideas always welcome), we are a gaming podcast but we are very tangential. We aim to cover new releases and the like but mostly end up talking about all kinds of stuff that is related to games (if only very slightly). Apparently we are pretty entertaining, so give us a listen, you may like it!

In fact you can check out past episodes here (fancy!):

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I hear the demo is pretty good, but I'm just not into sniping enough to buy a game just dedicated to it. Maybe as a small downloadable thing with that MK style X-ray tech, then I would be on board.

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I just got a letter from a courier which prompted me to return to his assistant, don't worry there's more to do.

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This seems pointless this late on. There's nothing really left to do with them.

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It is true, Futurama is way better than the Simpsons.

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