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I just spent $17 on Rogue Legacy for PS3 even though I finished it on PC. Worth it.

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Arrrgggghhhh I wanna get Torchlight II (I loved Diablo 3 and still play it)...I wonder if there's still a community playing it...

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So excited. I'm really hoping it's a 10hour+ game

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Good idea for a thread - it's amazing how much Nintendo shit we've all purchased over the years.

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Happy Birthday, Patrick.

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@marcsman said:

It is unacceptable to root for any other team besides your home team. Unless you live in Cleveland. Then you are exempt.


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Just posted this elsewhere, but...


Update to those watching this game. Massive patch just came in - the game's fully playable now. Had a pining for some more Supreme Commander so I bought this last night. It's awesome. Hard as hell and micro out the ass, but it's pretty fun. The developers put this up yesterday:

Still $60 though...

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Yeah....still not playing this mess.

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I actually wonder how many GB posters were actually alive in 1990.

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Stepside. Add me

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