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For July 4th? Just gonna be Canadian :)

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I haven't played in about a week after having reached inferno act II, and the idea of repairs costing over a fourth of my current accumulated gold doesn't make me want to return anytime soon. I'm sure i could spike my gold stash up by messing around in the auction house more, but I'm not really interested in playing ebay the video game.

This. Well said.

I've decided I'm pretty close to being done as well. Can't get passed Inferno act II as my barb.
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Is it still 30 gigs?

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Shit, I see a new post in this thread and started hoping for some Fez PC news.... how silly of me. God dammit I want to play this game!

Haha I did the exact same thing. I did watch Indie movie and it made me all-the-more exited for Fez. I only have a PS3/PC so I guess I'm shit outta luck for a while eh?

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@Marino: Amazing stuff man - as a stat-whore I'm loving this! Totally appreciate all the work you put into this.

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@Azteck: Eh..some console exclusives that are worth it (and I'm a huge PC-guy).

As for the OP, I'm still unsure - I bought the first Xbox when it came out, and ended up trading it in for a PS2. Stuck with Playstation/PC ever since but I'm not a fanboy. I just can't justify paying for online access, I'm still absolutely baffled that the Xbox has proliferated in North America with that. Blu-Ray, free online...why the hell would you buy an Xbox? That's been my thinking anyway. Although I'm pissed I can't play Fez or Trials, but...meh...

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If the game is virtually unplayable, I have no problem with the review not finishing it. My 2 cents.

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Good vibes after reading this. That's pretty ninja the way pulled that off.