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Shit, I see a new post in this thread and started hoping for some Fez PC news.... how silly of me. God dammit I want to play this game!

Haha I did the exact same thing. I did watch Indie movie and it made me all-the-more exited for Fez. I only have a PS3/PC so I guess I'm shit outta luck for a while eh?

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@Marino: Amazing stuff man - as a stat-whore I'm loving this! Totally appreciate all the work you put into this.

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@Azteck: Eh..some console exclusives that are worth it (and I'm a huge PC-guy).

As for the OP, I'm still unsure - I bought the first Xbox when it came out, and ended up trading it in for a PS2. Stuck with Playstation/PC ever since but I'm not a fanboy. I just can't justify paying for online access, I'm still absolutely baffled that the Xbox has proliferated in North America with that. Blu-Ray, free online...why the hell would you buy an Xbox? That's been my thinking anyway. Although I'm pissed I can't play Fez or Trials, but...meh...

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If the game is virtually unplayable, I have no problem with the review not finishing it. My 2 cents.

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Good vibes after reading this. That's pretty ninja the way pulled that off.

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Act III Inferno Barb. 0 Drops.

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The prices are ridiculous. The whole thing's shady to me anyway, so I'm definitely staying away.

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I miss the Random PC Game segment, but meh...still happy with GB.

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Niiiice.. I think my wife would lose her fucking mind though - and if I was single, would the chicks I bring home be pro or against this pimpage?

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Nothing but love for Australia. You guys need a couch next time you're coming through Ottawa, Mi Casa Es Su Casa.