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PS4. The first-gen Xbox RRoD shit scares me to death.

Plus, I like Sony's UI, PS+ and exlusives much better.

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Wow - terrible acting. UI looks sweet though.

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I dig the Sony box. Slick design.

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I like how this guy has 6 total posts. 5 of which are in this thread.

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I've been a Playstation owner since the original PS1 (I also owned the original Xbox) but I've been also impressed with how the 360 has turned into such a great machine with good services. I was really on the fence once 2013 rolled around and was looking forward to seeing how the new consoles turned out. I'm not interested in always-online, but I can handle it. The whole idea of Kinect doesn't interest me - and I've been a very happy owner of a PS+ account for a while now. I can afford $399 AND $499 so the price isn't a huge deal to me personally - but after this E3 Sony has definitely won me over again. I DO trade in my used games, I DO hate the idea of DRM and I DO like the Dualshock over the Xbox controller. PS4 for me.

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