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Absolutely.  It would be the perfect game for the 1999 event which Iga has said would be the biggest event in the timeline.  Alucard is obviously around, and I'm sure Richter could come back thanks to time travel (hey, this is fantasy) and there you go, the two team up for the actual real deal sequel to SotN.  One can dream.

But either way, yes.  Bring it.
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None...Nintendo needs to come up with a good storage solution and then start cranking out catalog sequels, like Metroid.  Lots and lots of 2D Metroid.

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This was a great article, very similar to how things are today.  I know right now Blu-Ray and some of the more expensive parts of the system seem silly, but I really think Sony will have an advantage in about a year, maybe not in console sales, but when Sony says they have a ten year plan, I really believe it.

I have all three current-gen machines and I wish everyone success in the market and only hope for more good games to come, and although previous years easily went to Microsoft, and Sony losing the huge chunk of third party domination they once had with most games now being released for both systems, Sony is starting to pull ahead in the first party race.
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I got one for Christmas from my girlfriend.  At this point the only movies I have left that I haven't bought on Blu-Ray now are Hot Fuzz and Serenity.  So right now it's a player for that, which is pretty sad I guess.  Once I purchased my PS3 and had to actually decide between what format I'd get movies on (a very annoying time period) I always went with Blu-Ray, it just seemed like a better format, I wasn't worried about my PS3 crashing like my 360, it doesn't sound like a jet engine like the 360, I have the HDMI connection on it because I have an older 360 and I liked the remote much better.

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The only thing that concerns me about a game like this, and the upcoming MK v DC is Batman.  I mean, who is going to defeat Batman?

Ohhh...had to say it, sorry, that was my immature moment for the day.

Seriously though, it would be a neat idea, but I'm pumped enough for MK v DC.
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I liked what I heard, I'll have to hear the whole thing again after it's released to make a decision if I'll get it off of iTunes or not, but it wasn't bad.  It wasn't "Appetite" good, but it was good.

If Axl is to music as Duke is to video games, looks like Axl is going to win.
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I'll go with no to signatures.  My forum use in life has been very sporadic and one of the reasons I'm liking this board (other than it's surprisingly relaxed atmosphere) is it's very clean looking an easier to navigate through without signatures.  I think the mini bio serves that purpose well enough.  If you click on any of them you'll realize what you would be getting if signatures were allowed and then you appreciate them not being there even more.

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Going with King and Pacifism.

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Air Fortress, StarTropics, Space Channel 5, Yoot Tower.  There's a random assortment.

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I guess I should say I'll play the demo of it first (which I'm sure there will only be a 360 demo, but I'd be happy to be proved wrong) to see if it's any good or not.  For all we know it could be a huge disappointment.  So anyway, if it is good, then I'll get the PS3 version.